Alan Wake 2 Cauldron Lake Crow’s Foot Hills Cult Stash Puzzle Solution

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October 29, 2023

In Alan Wake 2, there’s a hidden Cult Stash that you can discover in the Return 2 – The Heart chapter. Once you have the chance to explore the area that was previously flooded, you’ll find the stash by a campsite near Crow’s Foot Hills.

Unfortunately, the Cult Stash is locked and can only be opened with a key, unlike the Murder Site Cult Stash or the Private Cabin Cult Stash, which requires a combination.

Where To Find the Crow’s Foot Hills Cult Stash in Cauldron Lake

You can easily locate this Cult Stash by heading southwest of the Witch’s Hut or northeast of Crow’s Foot Hills. Look for a picnic area on your map marked with an icon. As you explore this spot, keep an eye out for a locked box at the base of a tree painted with a yellow arrow. Also, it’s not too far from a camping table where you’ll find a Manuscript Page.

You can find the Cult Stash southwest of Witch's Hut or northeast of Crow's Foot Hills.

How To Solve the Crow’s Foot Hills Cult Stash Puzzle in Alan Wake 2

In order to unlock this Cult Stash, you’ll need the Streamside Stash Key. First things first, take a look at the note on top of the Stash. You’ll notice a lightbulb drawing on it. Turn on your trusty flashlight if you haven’t already, and let’s explore the surroundings.

This Cult Stash has a light bulb on top. It's a clue to unlock it.

Point your flashlight on the trees and rocks nearby. Keep your eyes peeled for luminous arrows painted on these objects. These arrows will be your guiding light, pointing you in the right direction toward the key.

As you follow their lead, the arrows will eventually take you to a rock face. And guess what? The final arrow will be pointing downwards, revealing the key. Go ahead and pick up the Streamside Stash Key.

Follow the arrows leading to a rock face. Final arrow points down, which reveals the Streamside Stash Key.
Select the key from the items menu to unlock the stash and gather the supplies.

Now that you have the key in your inventory, it’s time to put it to good use. Approach the Streamside Cult Stash and interact with the lock. A menu will appear on the right-hand side of your screen. Choose the key from the menu to open the stash and collect all the supplies inside.

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