Alan Wake 2 Bright Falls Car and Bicycle Wheels Cult Stash Puzzle Solution

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November 4, 2023

While making your way to the Valhalla Nursing Home to talk to the Andersons in Bright Falls during the Return 5: Old Gods chapter in Alan Wake 2, you might stumble across a Cult Stash in the bed of an abandoned old truck.

In order to access this stash, you’ll need to do a little bit of math that revolves around the wheels of bicycles and cars. If you didn’t quite fancy mathematics back in school, you might face a bit of a challenge when it comes to cracking this puzzle.

If you just want the lock code to open this Cult Stash without all the details, it’s 177. Then, you can collect what’s inside. In this Cult Stash, you’ll find Shotgun Shells, a Flare, and a Propane Tank – all incredibly useful items to have as you venture into the Valhalla Nursing Home area.

It’s worth noting that you won’t stumble upon any more of these until you’ve passed the nursing home area. So, this is a golden chance to stock up on supplies for what lies ahead.

Vehicles Factory Cult Stash Location Map
Truck Bed Cult Stash Location

How To Solve the Vehicles Factory Cult Stash Puzzle in Alan Wake 2

We know that there are a total of 200 vehicles in a factory, which can be represented as b + c = 200, where “b” is the number of bicycles and “c” is the number of cars. Each car has four wheels, and each bicycle has two wheels. The total number of wheels is 754, which we express as 2b + 4c = 754 using the initial equation.

Cars and Bycicles Wheels Cult Stash Puzzle

Now, we need to rearrange things a bit. We want to isolate “b” on one side of the equation. Subtract 4c from both sides, resulting in 2b = 754 – 4c. Then, divide both sides by 2, which results in b = 377 – 2c.

Now, we can replace “b” with 377 – 2c in the initial equation (b + c = 200) to get this new equation: 377 – 2c + c = 200. Simplifying further leads to c = 177. Therefore, there are 177 cars in the factory. This number combination of vehicles can be used to open the lock of the Truck Cult Stash in Alan Wake 2.

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