Alan Wake 2 Cauldron Lake Nursery Rhyme Puzzle Solutions

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October 28, 2023

In Alan Wake 2, Saga Anderson’s case board has a special section just for Nursery Rhymes. These rhymes are like intriguing puzzles that hold some amazing rewards in the form of valuable charms. To solve these rhyme puzzles, you’ll need wooden dolls that represent the characters in the poems.

Once you’ve got the right dolls, all you need to do is place them on the correct symbol. And voila! You’ll unlock a charm that Saga can add to her charm bracelet through the inventory screen. Now, let me guide you through all the locations and solutions of the Nursery Rhyme puzzles at Cauldron Lake in Alan Wake 2.

Where To Find the Cauldron Lake Nursery Rhymes in Alan Wake 2

There are a total of 5 Nursery Rhymes in Cauldron Lake, but the final one becomes available only after you’ve completed the previous 16 Nursery Rhymes in Alan Wake 2. On the map below, you can see their locations in chronological order.

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It is often the case that the dolls required for these puzzles can be found nearby. However, as you progress further along, some of the more challenging puzzles may have dolls placed at a greater distance or on another map, so it would be wise to watch for them.

Remember always to return the dolls to your inventory once you have completed a puzzle, as you will undoubtedly need them in future Nursery Rhyme puzzles.

Nursery Rhyme #1: Picnic Area

Once you’ve finished dealing with Nightingale during the Return 2: The Heart chapter in Cauldron Lake, take some time to explore the area that was previously flooded. As you make your way across the Streamside bridge, located in the northwest part of the map, you’ll stumble upon the Picnic Area Nursery Rhyme puzzle.

It happens to be the first Nursery Rhyme I encountered during my playthrough. The poem on the note serves as a subtle clue, suggesting that birds may hold the key to solving it.

As you approach the puzzle, you’ll notice a wooden Crow Doll resting on the picnic table nearby. Pick the doll up and place it on the sun symbol, as shown in the image below. After a quick flash, Saga will mention that something has changed. Take a moment to look back at the picnic table, and you’ll find a Hammer Charm that has magically appeared. Don’t forget to pick up the Crown doll!

Pick the Crow Doll up and pot it on the sun symbol.
The Hammer Charm can be found on the picnic table.

Nursery Rhyme #2: Witchfinder’s Station

Make your way up to the Witchfinder’s Station Cabin, and just outside, you’ll stumble upon another Nursery Rhyme in Cauldron Lake. This particular rhyme tells the tale of a brave hero who, unfortunately, failed to protect his beloved from the clutches of a greedy wolf.

Now, step inside the cozy cabin, ascend the stairs, and make your way to the room on the right. You’ll discover the Hero Doll resting on the floor while the Wolf Doll perches atop a box nearby. Once you’ve had your fill of exploring the cabin, it’s time to return to the puzzle outside. Place the Hero Doll on the boat symbol and the Wolf Doll on the tree symbol.

Put the Hero Doll on the boat symbol and the Wolf Doll on the tree symbol.
The Coffee Mug Charm can be found in the cabin, specifically inside the playpen.

Once you’ve solved the Witchfinder’s Station Nursery Rhyme, you will see a mysterious black trail of paw prints on the ground. Follow this path leading back into the upstairs room in the cabin. Once you get there, you’ll discover a Coffee Mug Charm inside the playpen, just waiting to be collected!

Nursery Rhyme #3: Private Cabin

Just south of the Witchfinder’s Station, you’ll find one of Cauldron Lake’s cozy break rooms. It’s labeled as a “Private Cabin” on your map, so you can quickly locate it. Right outside the cabin, you’ll discover the third Nursery Rhyme. This poem tells the story of a mother crow guarding her babies from a fearsome beast, with a hero stepping in to save them.

If you’ve already completed the previous two Nursery Rhyme puzzles, you’re all set with the necessary dolls to solve this rhyme. Simply place the Crow Doll on the baby chick symbol, the Hero Doll on the heart, and the Wolf Doll on the house.

Put the Crow doll on the baby chick symbol, the Hero doll on the heart, and the Wolf doll on the house symbol.
The Kalevala Knights Charm can be found by the large tree's base in the northern section of the area.

After solving the Private Cabin Nursery Rhyme, you will notice another trail appearing suddenly, which will guide you towards the northern part of the area. Follow this trail until you reach a large tree, where you will find the Kalevala Knights Charm at the base. But be very careful as you proceed towards the charm. There will be a wolf lurking around that needs to be dealt with before you can retrieve the charm.

Nursery Rhyme #4: Rental Cabins

The final Nursery Rhyme in Cauldron Lake can be found in the Rental Cabins area on the western edge of the map. To begin, please note that the Cabins are locked behind a gate. In order to enter the site, you’ll need Boltcutters (unlocked at the end of Return 5: Old Gods chapter).

Once you’ve made your way inside, follow these simple steps to enter Cabin 4 and discover the Nursery Rhyme:

  • Start by entering Cabin 3.
  • Exit through the back door and take a left.
  • Duck under the tree branch along the way.
  • Look for the last backdoor on your left and open it to enter the cabin.
  • Once inside, exit through the front door and head left towards Cabin 4.
  • Step inside Cabin 4, and you’ll find the Nursery Rhyme in the entryway.

Now, let’s talk about the content of the Nursery Rhyme. It discusses a monster, a hero, multiple clever crows, and a reward. If you’ve been completing puzzles in other areas of the game, you should already have the Monster Doll (found Near Ranger Cabin Nursery Rhyme in the Watery area). If that’s the case, place it on the baby chick symbol. The Crow Doll, on the other hand, should be placed on the eye symbol, while the Hero Doll belongs on the ring/necklace symbol.

Place the Monster Doll on the baby chick symbol, the Crow Doll on the Eye symbol and the Hero on the jewelry symbol.

After successfully completing the Rental Cabins Nursery Rhyme puzzle, the Coffee Mug Charm will magically appear in Cabin 6. You’ll find Cabin 6 directly across from Cabin 4. Be cautious, as you’ll have to defeat the Taken first, a cultist with a big melee weapon.

Nursery Rhyme #5 (The Final): Witchfinder’s Station

After you solve the sixteenth Nursery Rhyme, look for an FBC container near the Charm reward. Inside that container, you’ll find the Father Doll. Collect it and head to the Witchfinder’s Station in the northwest corner of the Cauldron Lake map. Now, let’s place the Dolls in their respective positions:

  • Father Doll on the eye symbol by the desk (downstairs).
  • Hero Doll on the sun symbol in the bedroom (downstairs).
  • Mother Doll on the heart symbol in the kitchen (downstairs).
  • Child Doll on the chick in the playpen (upstairs).
  • Trickster Doll on the wave in the bathroom (upstairs).

After you have placed all the dolls, head downstairs and interact with the radio on the desk. After a quick jump scare, destroy the dark presence with your flashlight to make an item appear next to the radio. Collect the item to unlock an additional slot on Saga Anderson’s Charm Bracelet in Alan Wake 2.

Additional Slot for Saga's Charm Bracelet
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