Alan Wake 2 Bright Falls Lunch Box Locations Guide

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November 4, 2023

In Alan Wake 2, there are 21 Alex Casey Lunch Boxes that you can find during the chapters that revolve around Saga Anderson. While searching for these containers is optional, it is highly recommended to do so because the Manuscript Fragments inside them are required for upgrading weapons.

But remember that there are not enough Manuscript Fragments to unlock all the weapon upgrades. Therefore, it is important to make wise choices when deciding which upgrades you want to make. I’ve listed below all Bright Falls Lunchbox locations in Alan Wake 2.

Where To Find the Bright Falls Lunch Boxes in Alan Wake 2

There are seven lunchboxes hidden in Bright Falls. Most of them can be found on the western side of the map during the Return 5: Old Gods chapter. The map below shows exactly where each Alex Casey lunchbox is located chronologically during the chapters. If you’re having trouble finding them using the map, follow the instructions below! 

 Bright Falls Lunchboxes Locations Map

Lunch Box #1: In the Park East of Oh Deer Diner

During the Return 1: Invitation chapter, while visiting Bright Falls for the first time with Alex Casey, you can obtain the first Lunchbox. It can be found in the park east of the Oh Deer Diner, at the base of a large tree close to the white gazebo. It contains 5 Manuscript Fragments.

You can find this Lunchbox in the park in the southeast corner of Bright Falls.

Lunch Box #2: Southwest of the Break Room

While following the main road leading to the Valhalla Nursing Home during the Return 5: Old Gods chapter, you will reach a fork with a road leading south. On the right side of this road and up a hill, you’ll find this Lunchbox. It is very close to one of the Bunker Woods Cult Stashes. Inside, you’ll find 7 Manuscript Fragments.

There is a Lunchbox up a hill southwest of a break room.

Lunch Box #3: Inside the Manor Building

Once you reach the Valhalla Nursing Home complex, speak with Rose at the Manor building entrance. Once inside the Manor, immediately check the first room on the right, labeled “Office”. You’ll find the Lunchbox on top of a drawer next to the map of Valhalla Nursing Home. It contains 5 Manuscript Fragments.

You can find this container inside the Manor on a drawer.

Lunch Box #4: West of Valhalla Nursing Home

After you defeat the boss Cynthia in the Overlap and finish the Return 5: Old Gods chapter, exit the Nursing Home through the western gate by cutting the lock using the Boltcutters. You’ll find this Alex Casey Lunch box amongst the trees between the two paths in the northwest corner of the map. There are 9 Manuscript Fragments inside for you to collect.

This lunchbox is just outside of the Valhalla Nursing Home to the west.

Lunch Box #5: Northeast of Ranger Station

Take the left uphill path after the Ranger Station and follow the colorful symbols and decorations to find this Lunchbox containing 8 Manuscript Fragments.

You can find this lunchbox near the Ranger Station in the southern part of the Bright Falls.

Lunch Box #6: Near the Southeastern Coast of Bunker Woods

You’ll find this Lunch Box by Bunker Woods’ southeastern coast, close to a Bright Falls Nursery Rhyme puzzle. You can actually see the rhyme scene in the background of the picture below. Inside, you’ll find 6 Manuscript Fragments.

This Lunchbox is located by the southeastern beach of Bunker Woods.

Lunch Box #7: Southwest of Billie’s Boat Yard

After you cross the bridge leading back to Bright Falls, check the southwest corner of Billie’s Boat Yard to find this Alex Casey Lunch box containing 9 Manuscript Fragments on a small hill by a tree.

You can find this box just outside of the Billie's Boat Yard to the southwest.

Before continuing with Saga’s story, make sure to collect the Cauldron Lake Lunchboxes or Watery Lunchboxes you left behind. You have obtained all necessary items to access all areas in the three regions.

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