Alan Wake 2 Cauldron Lake Lunch Box Locations Guide

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October 27, 2023

In Alan Wake 2, you will have the opportunity to discover a grand total of 21 Alex Casey Lunch Boxes, with 8 of them cleverly hidden within the frightening Cauldron Lake. These little treasures can be found while playing as Saga Anderson in the Return chapters. To locate them, keep an eye out for some ornamental decorations and rocks that line a pathway.

Once you open a Lunchbox, you’ll find a letter from your generous benefactor, along with some special materials called Manuscript Fragments. These fragments are super useful for upgrading Saga’s armaments. However, not all Lunch boxes can be obtained on your initial visit to Cauldron Lake.

Where To Find the Cauldron Lake Lunch Boxes in Alan Wake 2

Below, you will find our custom map that will guide you to the locations of all the Lunchboxes in Cauldron Lake. I’ve organized them in chronological order so you can easily follow along with the events of the story.

The first 5 Cauldron Lake Lunchboxes in Alan Wake 2 can be obtained during Saga’s first chapter, Return 1: Invitation, and in succeeding chapters whenever you return to Cauldron Lake.

To get your hands on the sixth and seventh Lunch Box, you must successfully defeat the boss in the Overlap during Return 2: The Heart. This will cause the flooding to recede, allowing you to explore the other areas.

As for the last Lunch Box, you’ll need the Bolt Cutters. Unfortunately, you won’t come across them until the end of Return 5: Old Gods, which is several hours into the campaign.

You can find 8 Lunch Boxes in the Cauldron Lake area of Alan Wake 2.

Lunch Box #1: Near the Mortar Falls Signboard

Once you’ve talked with Deputy Mulligan for the first time, crawl through the hole in the fence and follow the path ahead. As you go downhill and down the stairs, you’ll reach a crossroads. Go right instead of following Special Agent Casey. The Lunch Box will be nestled in the bushes on the ground close to the Mortal Falls signboard. It contains 2 Manuscript Fragments.

The Lunch Box can be found among the bushes, near the Mortal Falls signboard.

Lunch Box #2: North of the General Store

After you meet with Deputy Thornton at the General Store, don’t follow him to the Murder Site. Instead, follow the path to the left of the camping table. You’ll find the Lunch Box nestled in the bushes at the blocked end of this path marked with red on the map. It contains 1 Manuscript Fragment.

The Lunchbox can be found in the bushes at the blocked end of the path.

Lunch Box #3: Near a Campsite in the Southernmost Part of Cauldron Lake

The following Lunch box is located southwest of the Murder Site and the locked Cult Stash with a combination of symbols. Follow the path leading to an abandoned campsite. The Lunch Box is near some rubble, as shown in the image below. You’ll find 3 Manuscript Fragments inside.

The Lunch Box is located near rubble.

Lunch Box #4: At a Campsite Near Witch’s Hut

After you’ve learned more about the victims and the killer at the murder site, your next objective is to check the lakeshore. As you make your way there, climb the ledge to the Witch’s Hut and cross the small wooden bridge to find a camping chair with a couple of boxes and a note. Check between the bushes to find this Lunch box with 1 Manuscript Fragment.

Search among the bushes near the campsite to locate the lunch box.

Lunch Box #5: On a Ledge Behind the FBC Station

Once Deputy Thornton provides you with the Shortcut Key as part of the story, your next step will be to head with Casey back to the parking lot where the chapter started. As you ascend the shortcut path, you’ll come across a small building with antennas known as the FBC station. Behind this building, if you climb up the ledge, you’ll discover the Lunch Box containing 2 Manuscript Fragments.

You can find this Lunch box behind the FBC station, once you climb the ledge.

Lunch Box #6: East of Witchfinder’s Station.

After you defeat the boss in the Overlap during Return 2: The Heart, make your from the Cauldron Lake Shore to the Witchfiner’s Station in the northwest corner of the map. Outside the cabin, on the right side, there is a table. On the floor, you will see eggs leading to a path on the right. If you follow this path, you will find the lunchbox with 9 Manuscript Fragments near the northeast border of the area.

This Lunchbox can be located in a bush northeast of the Witchfiner's Station

Lunch Box #7: In the North of the Winding River

Head over to the river just north of the Witch’s Hut and take the right side until you reach the very end, where the waterfall begins. You’ll spot the lunchbox resting on the ground, close to a cluster of rocks. This one contains 9 Manuscript Fragments.

You can find this lunchbox where the waterfall beginsn, near some rocks.

Lunch Box #8: In the Second Building of Rental Cabins

The final Lunchbox in Cauldron Lake can be found in the Rental Cabins area in the eastern part of the map. To enter, use the Boltcutters (unlocked during Return 5: Old Gods) at the gate. Once inside, you’ll want to make your way to the second building.

Unfortunately, the front door is locked, so you must enter through the back door. To reach it, just step into the third cabin and head into the backyard. Take a stroll to the right, and you’ll come across the back door to the second building. Once inside, keep your eyes peeled for a commode on the left, where you’ll find the Lunch Box with 9 Manuscript Fragments.

This lunchbox can be found on a commode inside one of the cabins in the Rental Cabins area.
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