Alan Wake 2 Bright Falls Downtown Cult Stash Locations Guide

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November 5, 2023

Cult Stashes are hidden containers scattered throughout the three regions of Alan Wake 2. They contain various valuable items, such as weapons, ammunition, and health supplies, and they can give you a significant advantage in combat against the Taken enemies.

However, finding and opening them can be challenging. This guide will walk you through all Cult Stashes in the Downtown of Bright Falls, and show you how to solve their puzzles to open them.

Where To Find the Downtown Cult Stashes in Bright Falls

In Downtown Bright Falls, four Cult Stashes are waiting to be discovered and unlocked. Three of these can be found during the Return 5: Old Gods chapter, while the remaining one can be located right at the start of the Return 6: Scratch chapter. I’ve marked the Cult Stash locations on the map below in chronological order.

Downtown Bright Falls Cult Stashes Locations Map

Cult Stash #1: Outside of Elderwood Palace Lodge

After the cutscene with FBC and the arrest of Alan Wake and Ilmo Koskela at the end of Return 4: No Chance, you can return to the Downtown Bright Falls and find this Cult Stash next to a white van, outside of Elderwood Palace Lodge. Just repeat the flashing light pattern, and you can access the stash containing Pistol Ammo, Shotgun Shells, and a Trauma Pad.

Elderwood Palace Lodge Cult Stash Location

Cult Stash #2: Harbor Street Dock

Once you defeat the boss in the Overlap during Return 5: Old Gods, return to Downtown Bright Falls and use the Boltcutters to open the dock door. Inside the shack on the right, you’ll find this Cult Stash. The lock code for the stash is 697. It contains an Inventory Expansion Upgrade.

Harbor Street Dock Cult Stash Location

Cult Stash #3: In the Yard Near Oh Deer Diner

To the west of the “Oh Deer Diner,” there is a fenced yard. You can use bolt cutters to unlock the door and find the Cult Stash in the grass. To open the stash, you must follow the clues and find the matching symbols within the nearby park. I have included a picture of the lock combination that you will need to open this stash containing a Hand Flare and a Flashbang.

Bright Falls Yard Symbol Cult Stash Location
Yard Cult Stash Symbols Combination

Cult Stash #4: In the Evidence Room of Sheriff Station

For the final Cult Stash in Downtown Bright Falls, make your way inside the Sheriff Station to begin the Return 6: Scratch chapter and defeat the powerful Taken wielding a hammer. Then, speak with Agent Estevez to obtain the keys to the basement. Head down the stairs and use the Boltcutters to unlock the Evidence Room on the right and find the stash. To open the Evidence Room Cult Stash, use code 146.

Evidence Room Cult Stash Location

If you’re looking for the remaining Cult Stashes in the Bunker Woods of Bright Falls, take a look at our in-depth location guide. It is also recommended to find and unlock all Cauldron Lake Cult Stashes and Watery Cult Stashes that are left behind before reaching a Point of No Return at the end of the Return 6: Scratch chapter.

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