Alan Wake 2 Watery Lunch Box Locations Guide

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October 31, 2023

In Alan Wake 2, you’ll come across a total of 21 Alex Casey Lunch Boxes collectibles scattered throughout the game. And guess what? Six of them can be found right in Watery, Washington! These Lunchboxes are more than just collectibles – they actually contain valuable materials that you can use to upgrade your arsenal of weapons.

You’ll easily spot the lunchboxes by the dreamcatchers and colorful stones nearby. Just keep an eye out for those lovely decorations, and you’ll know there’s a lunchbox waiting for you. Here’s how to track down all 6 Watery Lunch Boxes.

Where To Find the Watery Lunch Boxes in Alan Wake 2

Almost all the Alex Casey Lunchboxes in Watery can be found during the main objectives of Return 3: Local Girl story mission, except one. As you make progress, you’ll naturally visit almost all of the locations required, except for the Watery Lighthouse, which is a separate landmark and not part of any main objective.

Alan Wake 2 Watery Lunch Boxes Locations Map

Lunch Box #1: Near Radio Tower

When heading towards Coffee World, you will encounter a fork close to a break room. Take the path leading up and to the right, which leads to the Radio Tower. Once you reach the tower, search the area behind it, near the northern ledge, to find a Lunchbox containing seven Manuscript Fragments.

You can find this Lunch box behind the Radio Tower.

While you’re in the area, don’t miss the Nursery Rhyme south of the Radio Tower, as it will reward you with the Deer Charm.

Lunch Box #2: East of Ranger Cabin

After crossing the wooden bridge in the northern part of the map, you’ll come across another fork near the entrance to Coffee World. Take the path on the right, and you’ll reach a small campsite. Close to the tent, there is another Alex Casey Lunchbox that contains five Manuscript Fragments.

This Lunchbox is east of the Ranger Cabin and north of the Coffee World.

Lunch Box #3: Inside a Big Wooden Kettle

When you’re ready to leave Coffee World, make your way towards the southern exit. On your left-hand side, you’ll see a large wooden coffee kettle. Inside, you’ll find the Lunchbox on the ground. It contains nine Manuscript Fragments.

You can locate the Lunchbox inside a big wooden yellow kettle.

Lunch Box #4: Inside the Lighthouse Trailer Park

To find this Alex Casey Lunch box, head to the Lighthouse Trailer Park located in the southwest corner of the map. Use the Trailer Park Key from the safe to enter the area. Once inside, you’ll have a cinematic conversation with Odin and Tor Anderson. After the conversation, turn right and walk behind the swing set. The lunch box should be lying on the ground in that area. You can collect seven Manuscript Fragments from this one.

You can easily find this Alex Casey Lunchbox inside the Lighthouse Trailer Park.

Lunch Box #5: Near Kalevala Knights Workshop

After you complete the investigation of your trailer, you need to follow Mulligan and Thornton to the Kalevala Knights Workshop, which is located west of the Coffee World. Proceed to the northern section of the building and search between the boats to find a Lunchbox containing six Manuscript Fragments.

For this Lunchbox, look north of the Kalevala Knights Workshop.

Lunch Box #6: Near Watery Lighthouse

Once you have successfully defeated Mulligan and Thornton, your next destination is the Watery Lighthouse, located east of the trailer park. Head north of the break room, and you will come across the Lunchbox containing nine Manuscript Fragments. It is positioned near the edge, which overlooks the bridge leading back to Downtown.

The final Lunchbox in Watery can be found on the ledge north of the lighthouse break room.

If you haven’t already, be sure to get all the Alex Casey lunchboxes in Cauldron Lake as well.

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