Alan Wake 2 Bright Falls Nursery Rhyme Puzzle Solutions

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November 5, 2023

In Alan Wake 2, Nursery Rhymes are similar to side quests that are spread throughout the game world. When you successfully solve these rhymes, you will be awarded charms for Saga’s charm bracelet. To solve a Nursery Rhyme, you need to find the dolls that represent the main characters, which are hidden in various locations.

Once you locate the dolls, you must place them in the right spots based on the rhyme’s story. When you solve a Nursery Rhyme, something will change in the world, and a charm will appear close by. These charms are passive skills that enhance Saga’s abilities. Here’s where to find all Bright Falls Nursery Rhyme puzzles in Alan Wake 2 and their solutions.

Where to Find the Bright Falls Nursery Rhymes in Alan Wake 2

In Bright Falls, you can discover and solve 4 Nursery Rhymes. These rhymes are available to you both during and after the Return 5: Old Gods chapter. Below is a custom map showing the chronological order of the Nursery Rhymes’ locations.

Bright Falls Nursery Rhymes Locations Map

Nursery Rhyme #1: North of the Break Room

After the cutscene at the end of Return 4: No Chance chapter, where the Federal Bureau of Control captures Alan Wake and Ilmo Koskela, go across the bridge and follow the path towards the north. Eventually, you will come across one of the Bright Falls Bunker Woods Cult Stashes close to the Nursery Rhyme in question.

To solve this Nursery Rhyme, place the Mother Doll on the house symbol and the Child Doll on the tree symbol. Both dolls can be found on a bench near the Trailer Park Nursery Rhyme in Watery. After you solve the puzzle, pick up both dolls and follow the trail of black smudge and toys leading to the Lantern Charm. Please take note of the wolf that may be lurking in the forest, ready to surprise you.

Bright Falls Nursery Rhyme Puzzle Location
Lantern Charm Reward Location

Nursery Rhyme #2: Inside Ranger Station

Once you defeat Cynthia at the end of the chapter, leave the Valhalla Nursing Home through the western gate (use the Boltcutters on the lock) and follow the main road leading to the Ranger Station. Once there, use the screwdriver to unlock the cabin and check the bedroom on the ground floor to find this Nursery rhyme.

To solve this puzzle, you must place the Child Doll on the house symbol and the Monster Doll on the candy symbol. If you already have the Child Doll, you can find the Monster Doll inside the Watery Ranger Cabin Nursery Rhyme on a dresser within the cabin.

After the dark visual flickering, follow the footsteps leading to the upstairs bathroom. Open the door, then turn around and follow a new trail to find the Coffee Mug Charm on the bed in the nearby room.

Ranger Station Nursery Rhyme Location
Coffee Mug Charm Reward Location

Nursery Rhyme #3: On the Bunker Woods Beach

Leave the Ranger Station and continue east along the main road. When possible, check the Bunker Woods coastline to find this Nursery Rhyme near one of the Bright Falls Alex Casey Lunchboxes. In order to solve this riddle, you must place the Mother Doll on the boat symbol, the Child Doll on the jewelry symbol, and the Monster Doll on the waves symbol.

After you solve it, pick up the dolls and follow the trail of footsteps leading Valhalla Nursing Home Charm near an overturned boat and a small container. To loot the charm safely, defeat the two powerful Taken enemies emerging from the shore.

Bunker Woods Beach Nursery Rhyme Location
Valhalla Nursing Home Charm Location

Nursery Rhyme #4: Southeast Corner of Billie’s Boat Yard

Cross the bridge leading back to Bright Falls and check the southeast corner of the boatyard. You’ll find the Nursery Rhyme on the pier. To solve it, place the Mother Doll on the waves symbol and the Monster Doll on the boat symbol.

Follow the shadowy footprints back to the center of Billie’s Boat Yard. Beware, around five Taken enemies will appear. Once you take them down, collect the Anchor Charm from one of the old white boats nearby.

Billie's Boat Yard Nursery Rhyme Location
Anchor Charm Reward Location

After unlocking the Boltcutters, you can solve all the Cauldron Lake Nursery Rhymes, including the one at Ranger Cabin. Be sure to complete them all before moving on with the story.

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