Alan Wake 2 Watery Slow Roaster Cult Stash Puzzle Solution

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October 31, 2023

In Alan Wake 2, Cult Stashes contain valuable resources and items that can help Saga Anderson in her fight against the cultists and uncover the secrets of the Cauldron Lake murders. One of these stashes can be found near the Slow Roaster in Watery.

Finding all of the Cult Stashes will unlock the Hidden by the Trees Trophy or Achievement. However, you’ll also need to find the Lunch Boxes in Cauldron Lake, Lunchboxes in Bright Falls, and Lunch Boxes in Watery. Here’s how to uncover the secret lock code for the Slow Roaster Cult Stash in Alan Wake 2.

Where To Find the Slow Roaster Cult Stash in Watery

You can easily locate the Cult Stash near the Slow Roaster in Coffee World. Just head towards the Gift Shop and take the small southeastern path. Once you reach the Slow Roaster Ferris wheel attraction, you’ll find the Cult Stash on the left side of the ride. Feel free to refer to the map below for additional guidance.

Watery Slow Roaster Cult Stash Location Map

How To Solve the Slow Roaster Cult Stash Puzzle in Alan Wake 2

When you come across the Cult Stash near the Slow Roaster, you’ll notice a helpful note placed on top of it. This note contains valuable clues to help you solve the puzzle. In this particular case, the clue consists of a circular arrow along with the words “ONLY STRIPED CUPS.”

Only Striped Cups Clue Note

To solve the puzzle, it’s important to focus on the blue and white striped cups that decorate the Slow Roaster. Also, each of these striped cups is marked with a number. Think about the Ferris Wheel as a clock, where the first striped cup represents the number 1 on the clock face.

Stripped Cup with number 1
Stripped Cup holding number 4
Stripped Cup with number 7

The remaining striped cups are positioned at three intervals, just like the numbers 4 and 7 on the clock. When you move in a clockwise direction, the lock combination to solve the puzzle is 147. Input the code on the Cult Stash lock to get your supplies: Handgun Ammo, and Shotgun Shells.

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