Alan Wake 2 Watery Radio Tower Nursery Rhyme Puzzle Solution

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November 1, 2023

While making your way to the Coffee World Gift Shop through the eastern woods of Watery during the course of Return 3: Local Girl chapter in Alan Wake 2, you might come across a Nursery Rhyme puzzle near the Radio Tower.

The Radio Tower is situated in the northeast corner of Watery. Just south of the Radio Tower, in a small clearing in the woods, you will find the Nursery Rhyme scene. I have marked the exact location on the map below. Now, let’s dive into the riddle that comes with it and see if we can solve it together!

Watery Radio Tower Nursery Rhyme Location Map

How To Solve the Radio Tower Nursery Rhyme Puzzle

When you reach the Nursery Rhyme scene near the Radio Tower and approach it, you can read the following riddle:

Three little Deers ventured
to roam
And found a nice place to
eat and play
One little Deer never came
And two of the Deers cried
all day.

Radio Tower Rhyme Riddle

It can be confusing to determine the dolls required for this Nursery Rhyme if it’s the first one you come across on Watery. This is because there is a previous rhyme located in an isolated area, with two dolls nearby, which I’ve named the Gentle Beast Nursery Rhyme. One of those two dolls is needed to crack this puzzle, specifically the Deer doll. Here’s what you should do:

Radio Tower Nursery Rhyme Riddle Solution
Deer Charm Reward Location
  1. After obtaining the Deer and Moose dolls near the Gentle Beast Nursery Rhyme, simply place the Deer doll on the house symbol, as suggested by the line “One little Deer never came home“.
  2. Now, retrace your steps back to where you came from. Be prepared, as you may encounter a pack of two wolves that you’ll need to take them down.
  3. Once you’ve successfully dealt with the wolves, keep your eyes peeled for the dead body of a deer. It should be located near a red supply box near the Radio Tower. You’ll notice a Deer Charm placed in front of it. Equipping this charm will provide you with more protection against enemies, making it more difficult for them to stagger you.

While you’re in the area, make sure to grab one of Alex Casey’s Lunch boxes behind the Radio Tower and open the Cult Stash holding the Crossbow near the Hunting Shack break room, a few steps back.

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