Alan Wake 2 Watery Latte Lagoon Nursery Rhyme Puzzle Solution

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November 3, 2023

When you finally reach the end of Return 3: Local Girl chapter in Alan Wake 2 by kicking the butts of those two bosses in the Overlap, guess what? The flooding in Watery will magically disappear. Among the areas that were previously submerged is the dock of Lattee Lagoon, home to one of the Watery Nursery Rhymes.

The Latte Lagoon Nursery Rhyme can be found in the northwest corner of the Coffee World area in Watery. If you’re having a bit of trouble finding it, don’t worry! Just take a peek at the handy map below, and you’ll be on your way in no time.

Watery Latte Lagoon Nursery Rhyme Location Map

How To Solve the Latte Lagoon Nursery Rhyme Puzzle

Once you’ve made it to the spot, you’ll find a riddle waiting for you on a piece of paper. It’s right in the middle of these five symbols, all drawn with these vibrant, colorful charks. And let me tell you, this riddle is a real brain teaser. Here’s what it says:

A Devil, with a prize, lured
the animals two
To his boat all shiny and
Who would float and who
would sink?
Asked the Devil with a wink
The Moose went splash, the
Deer sailed on,
But which one of them was therefore gone?

If you want to solve this tricky rhyme puzzle, you’ll need the help of three unique dolls: the Moose Doll, the Deer Doll, and the Trickster Doll. You can find the Moose and Deer Dolls near the Gentle Beast Nursery Rhyme in the eastern woods of Watery.

The Trickster Doll can actually be found in two places: near the Watery Lighthouse Nursery Rhyme or the Trailer Park Nursery Rhyme by the sink inside the Fish Clean workshed. I’d like to point out that once you locate and collect the doll in one spot, it will vanish in the other locations.

To solve this rhyme, place the Trickster Doll on the jewelry symbol, representing “A Devil, with a prize”, the Moose Doll on the waves symbol representing the “Moose went splash” and, lastly, the Deer Doll should be placed on the boat symbol, representing the “Deer sailed on“.

Latte Lagoon Nursery Rhyme Puzzle Solution
Mr. Drippy Charm Location

After the dark visual flickering across your screen, you’ll see a paddle boat stripped with red and blue floating along the dock. On its edge, you’ll find the Mr. Drippy Charm. When equipped, it increases damage dealt when Saga is low on health.

Have you had the chance to open the Slow Roaster Cult Stash or the Watery Houtari Well Cult Stash in Coffee World yet? If not, don’t worry! Take a look at our comprehensive guide to learn all the steps to unlock them.

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