Alan Wake 2 Watery Lighthouse Cult Stash Puzzle Solution

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November 1, 2023

While exploring the Watery Lighthouse area in Alan Wake 2, you’ll notice there’s an intricate Cult Stash with a luminous yellow-painted shape and a symbol above it. However, you won’t be able to access it until you figure out how to unlock it.

The lock consists of three discs that need to be rotated to specific symbols. Luckily, these symbols can be found within the vicinity of the stash. To help you out, I’ve created an easy guide that will help you identify the symbols necessary to unlock the Cult Stash at the Watery Lighthouse in Alan Wake 2.

How To Solve the Watery Lighthouse Cult Stash Puzzle

The Watery Lighthouse Cult Stash is situated on a plateau northwest of the Lighthouse itself. Please refer to the map below, which shows its exact location.

Watery Lighthouse Cult Stash Puzzle Location Map

As I mentioned earlier, the Cult Stash in question is locked with a symbol combination. However, it does not have any note on top of it like the other stashes. The only clue to unlock it is the luminous yellow paint placed beside the stash. This indicates that you must use your torch and search for symbols painted around the environment, similar to the Crow’s Foot Hills Cult Stash or the Private Cabin Cult Stash.

Watery Lighthouse Stash Location

In the environment, you’ll come across a number of symbols adorned with wooden cult symbols next to them. Now, it’s worth mentioning that not all of these symbols hold significance. The symbols that are important for the combination have an I, II, or III painted right next to them. So, you can ignore the ones with shapes.

To find the painted III symbol, look to the right of the Cultist Stash. The symbol is on the rock wall, and you can identify it by the two triangles facing down side by side. For the painted II symbol, head back down the path you came from. You will see it on a rock face, and it’s hard to miss with your flashlight out. You can also see the Lighthouse above it. The symbol beside it is also two triangles, but one on top of the other.

The third symbol location of the puzzle.
The second symbol location of the stash puzzle.

To find the painted I symbol, stand in front of the III symbol and turn around. Look for the triangle-painted symbol on the ground near the plateau edge. Move towards the cliff’s edge where the triangle paint is, and point your flashlight down. You should see the I paint with a wooden symbol beside it.

The first symbol location of the puzzle.

After finding all three symbols, it’s important to remember their order. The first symbol is “I”, the second is “II”, and the third is “III”. This means that the code consists of two triangles stacked on top of each other facing downwards, followed by two triangles placed next to each other pointing upwards, and finally, two triangles placed next to each other facing downwards.

Watery Lighthouse Cult Stash Symbols Combination

To unlock the Cult Stash, simply enter the combination pictured in the image above into the lock. Once opened, you can access a Propane Tank, Handgun Ammo, and Arrow bolts for the Hunting Crossbow.

Also, don’t forget to pick up one of the Watery Alex Casey Lunchboxes located near the Break Room. While you’re at it, why not take a moment to solve the Lighthouse Nursery Rhyme puzzle? It’s a fun little challenge that you might enjoy!

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