Sniper Elite 5: How To Destroy Anti-Air Guns In Mission 1 Atlantic Wall

May 28, 2022

Sniper Elite 5 Destroy Anti-Air Guns is one of the three Optional Objectives you need to finish during The Atlantic Wall mission if you want to get a 100% completion rate.

You can complete the Sniper Elite 5 Atlantic Wall Mission without finishing the optional objectives, but if you want to achieve three stars rating on every mission and level up quicker, doing these side objectives is required.

As a result, we’ll go through the Anti-Air Guns locations and how to eliminate them without dying in the process.

Where To Find The Atlantic Wall Anti-Air Guns In Sniper Elite 5

Sniper Elite 5 Atlantic Wall Anti-Air Guns can be found at the Northern Farm, near the Water Tower, and the last one southeast of the Gun Battery.

To Destroy Anti-Air Guns, you will need to blow them up using Satchel Charges. These can be found around the guns you need to destroy and must be placed in fixed locations, similar to the Neutralize Coastal Defences Optional Objective.

As you can see on the map below, the first Anti-Air Gun we will look to destroy is the one at the Northern Farm, but you can start with which one suits you better.

Where To Find The Atlantic Wall Anti-Air Guns In Sniper Elite 5

How To Destroy Anti-Air Guns #1 In Atlantic Wall

You can reach this location after disabling the Radar Tower during the main objective and following the path north through a narrow tunnel.

When you reach the road, you will see a military settlement on a small hill and the farmhouse behind it.

Sneak behind the military settlement, following the path to the right as marked in the image below and climbing the small hill.

How To Destroy Anti-Air Guns #1 In Atlantic Wall

Inside the military settlement is the Anti-Air Gun we are looking to destroy.

A couple of soldiers guard the area, and you can easily take them out using the pistol with a suppressor aimed at their heads.

If you don’t have any Satchel Charges left on you, there is one in the building next to the military settlement sitting on a table.

You can also check this Classified Document location guide and Personal Letter location guide to find the two collectibles on the Northern Farm.

Light the fuse slowly because the noise will alert the remaining soldiers and the one patrolling the roads and run southwest through an apple orchard to reach the next second Anti-Air Gun.

How To Destroy Anti-Air Guns #2 In The Atlantic Wall

After passing the apple orchard and reaching the area, use your binoculars to identify all the soldiers around the camp.

There should be no more than four soldiers and an officer for you to take them out.

And again, try to be as sneaky as possible using Subsonic Ammo and a pistol with a suppressor to avoid triggering the nearby groups of soldiers.

Once you clear the area, you can find the Satchel Charge behind the Anti-Air Gun.

How To Destroy Anti-Air Guns #2 In The Atlantic Wall

Before blowing the Anti-Air Gun, you can look around the trench to find extra Satchel Charges. There should be at least one more for you to pick up.

Light the fuse slowly and run away for the last Atlantic Wall Anti-Air Gun.

How To Destroy Anti-Air Guns #3 In Atlantic Wall

Like the previous Anti-Air Gun, a couple of soldiers defend the camp, and you need to take them out as quietly as possible since we are close to the Gun Battery Optional Objective.

The Satchel Charge can be found under a small roof on a table next to the lamp inside the trench. There should be an extra Satchel Charge on the opposite side of this location.

How To Destroy Anti-Air Guns #3 In Sniper Elite 5 The Atlantic Wall

Once you clear the area of soldiers, light the fuse slowly and head northwest through the bushes to complete the next optional objective, Destroy the Gun Battery.

And that’s how you complete the Destroy Anti-Air Guns Optional Objective in the video game developed by Rebellion. If you have any questions, leave them in the comments section below.

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