Sniper Elite 5: How To Kill Jaan Trautmann With Poison In Mission 6 Libération

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June 8, 2022

Sniper Elite 5 Major Jaan Trautmann is a tactical mastermind that has been successfully blocking Allied advances through the area. His death will make a massive difference in the war against the germans.

The reward for killing Jaan Trautmann with poison during Libération Mission is an unlock of the Model D Pistol, giving you more options to customize your loadout.

Therefore, in the following guide, we will show you where to find your kill list target Jaan Trautmann and how to complete the Mission 6: Kill Challenge by poisoning him.

Where To Find Libération Jaan Trautmann In Sniper Elite 5

Jaan Trautmann is stationed in a mansion northwest of Southern Town and locked himself in the Master Bedroom after he received several threats from the Resistance.

Where To Find Liberation Jaan Trautmann In Sniper Elite 5

Proceed north and complete your first primary objective once you crash your airplane with the 5th Ranger Battalion.

Neutralize the defenses in the Southern Town by taking out the Sniper in the highest building, destroying their communications in the Field HQ building, and blowing up the armored vehicle overlooking the river next to the bridge.

Then follow the road west until you reach the mansion where Jaan Trautmann is stationed.

How To Kill Jaan Trautmann With Poison In Mission 6

Before attempting to complete the challenge, ensure there is no ongoing investigation around or inside the mansion.

Also, quick save the game to have a checkpoint in case you get spotted and trigger all the nazi soldiers around, including the kill list target, to start over from this point.

Now, sneak past the mansion’s walls and fence without getting spotted to reach the mansion’s north side entrance.

On the ground floor, right next to the stairs, pick up the small bottle of poison. If you can’t find it, use your Focus Skill to locate it quickly.

How To Kill Jaan Trautmann With Poison In Mission 6

There is another bottle of poison on the ground floor, in the room facing the stairs.

On top of the stairs, you will find Jaan Trautmann locked in the Master Bedroom.

Next to the locked doors, a table holds a ring bell, a cup, and a lamp.

How To Kill Jaan Trautmann With Poison In Mission 6: Liberation

Pour the poison into the cup, ring the bell and find yourself a hiding spot behind the white wooden wall with windows to enjoy the show.

Jaan Trautmann will leave the room and start drinking from the cup.

After a couple of seconds, he will gasp, fall to the ground and die, completing the Kill Challenge in Mission 6: Libération.

And that’s how you kill Jaan Trautmann with poison in the video game developed by Rebellion. If you have any questions or suggestions, drop them in the comments section below.

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