Sniper Elite 5: All Hidden Items Locations In Mission 4 War Factory

June 1, 2022

Sniper Elite 5 War Factory Hidden Items collectibles are a little bit easier to find than the Spy Academy Hidden Items, mainly because the map is way smaller and less confusing to navigate through.

Even so, if you are here, it means at least one of the Hidden Items causes you trouble finding it, but we got you covered.

Therefore, in the following guide, we will show you all the War Factory Hidden Items locations and where to look for them.

Where To Find The War Factory Hidden Items In Sniper Elite 5

 The War Factory Mission is one of the easier missions so far, with a less overwhelming map and fewer groups of nazi soldiers that will start shooting at you once you make some noise.

This time around, these War Factory Hidden Items are not as well hidden as we were used to, in safes or behind locked doors.

They are in plain sight and easy to collect but can easily be missed if you don’t pay attention to the small objects.

Where To Find The War Factory Hidden Items In Sniper Elite 5

So, following the same order as on the map above, we will go over all the War Factory Hidden Items locations and point you in the right direction to collect them all.

Hidden Item #1 – P.1000 Ratte Plans

After you start Mission 4, go outside and head down the two zip lines that take you to the western part of the map.

Deal with any nazi soldiers in your way, go across the bridge, and climb the metal ladder and the vines to reach a small train depot.

Follow the railway south until you reach a larger train depot. Be wary of the sniper in the watchtower, next to the Kill List Target Matthaus Ehrlich location (covered in-depth here).

Take the set of stairs on the right, and at the end of the catwalk, you will see a cart with a chest on top of it.

On the cart’s edge, you will find the first Hidden Item in Mission 4.

Where To Find The War Factory Hidden Items In Missio 4

Hidden Item #2 – Stealth Plating

From the train depot’s west entrance, go north to the warehouse, where you need to find the Kraken Shipping manifest during the main objective.

In the middle of the warehouse, you will find piles of wooden crates.

On one of the piles, you will first think that it’s a Classified Document because of the clipboard but instead is the second War Factory Hidden Item.

Where To Find The War Factory Mission 4 Hidden Items In Sniper Elite 5

Hidden Item #3 – Gold Pocket Watch

The last War Factory Hidden Item can be found in a junkyard on the north-northeast part of the map.

From the warehouse, follow the main road north until you reach the junkyard.

Also, be wary of the armored car patrolling the road.

Once you reach the junkyard, look for the alarm system button and a generator.

Next to the generator, you will find the last War Factory Hidden Item resting at the end on one of the steel beams.

Where To Find The War Factory Hidden Items Collectibles in Sniper Elite 5

Did you find all War Factory Hidden Items locations in the video game developed by Rebellion for PC, Xbox, and PlayStation? Let us know in the comments section below.

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