Sniper Elite 5: All Hidden Items Locations In Mission 7 Secret Weapons

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June 15, 2022

Sniper Elite 5 Secret Weapons Hidden Items live up to its name this time, becoming a real challenge in finding and collecting them during the Secret Weapons Mission.

These Hidden Items are tiny objects that can be easily missed if you don’t search every corner of the place you’re exploring.

Therefore, in the following guide, we will show you where to find all Secret Weapons Hidden Items on the map and where to look for them.

Where To Find The Secret Weapons Hidden Items In Sniper Elite 5

Secret Weapons Hidden Items can be found under a bridge, inside an underground barracks, and in a small gatehouse.

Even though you know the exact location on the map, you can still have some trouble locating them.

Where To Find The Secret Weapons Hidden Items In Sniper Elite 5

So, to avoid searching in vain, following the same order on the map above, we will go over all Hidden Items locations in Mission 7: Secret Weapons and point you in the right direction to locate them.

Hidden Item #1 – Prufstand XII Plans

Once you start Mission 7: Secret Weapons from the Facility Overlook starting location, proceed forward until you reach a shack and a nazi soldier.

Climb the stairs, follow the road to the west, and turn right just before the bridge.

Make your way through the hill on the dirt paths dealing with the nazi soldiers camping around to reach the southeast part of the bridge.

Right under the bridge, you will find a sleeping place with the first Secret Weapons Hidden Item nearby.

Where To Find The Mission 7 Secret Weapons Hidden Items In Sniper Elite 5

Hidden Item #2 – Peenemunde Lab ID

The following Hidden Item in Mission 7: Secret Weapons can be found inside the Dome, in the Underground Barracks.

There are different ways to get inside the Dome: sneaking inside through broken fences, avoiding all the attention, or just brute-force your way in, so it’s up to you how you approach it.

But once you are inside, from the Main Gate of the Dome, proceed north to the center of the building to find a circular stairway that will take you to the underground, next to the V2 Rocket launching site.

Climb down the stairs, go through the first door on the right with the WAFFENKAMMER sign on top of the doorway, and immediately turn left into the first room.

You will find yourself in a canteen with tables around, and underneath one of the tables is the second one of Secret Weapons Hidden Items (check the image marked below).

Where To Find The Secret Weapons Hidden Items In Mission 7 Sniper Elite 5

Hidden Item #3 – Luftwaffe Playing Cards

From here, return to the Dome’s Main Gate and follow the path that leads to the Dam in the northwest part of the map.

Following this path, you will avoid facing a lot of nazi soldiers and armored vehicles sneaking behind their backs.

Once you reach the Dam Checkpoint, enter the wooden gatehouse and check the table for the final one of the Secret Weapons Hidden Items in Sniper Elite 5.

Where To Find The Secret Weapons Hidden Items Colectibles In Sniper Elite 5

You can also destroy and collect one of the Secret Weapons Stone Eagles if you check the right side of the Dam, where the water comes out.

Did you find all Secret Weapons Hidden Items locations in the video game developed by Rebellion for PC, Xbox, and PlayStation? Let us know in the comments section below.

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