Sniper Elite 5: All Stone Eagles Locations In Mission 7 Secret Weapons

June 13, 2022

Sniper Elite 5 Secret Weapons Stone Eagles are the trickiest to find in the video game developed by Rebellion because, this time around, they are hidden in places you wouldn’t usually check.

Stone Eagles are a type of collectible that you need to find and destroy to add to your collectibles collection and usually can be spotted on top of buildings, but not during Mission 7: Secret Weapons.

Therefore, in the following guide, we will show you all the Secret Weapons Stone Eagles locations and where you should look for them.

Where To Find The Secret Weapons Stone Eagles In Sniper Elite 5

During Secret Weapons Mission, these Stone Eagles can be nearly impossible to find because they are hidden behind buildings, between trees and rocks, and even under a dam.

Also, even though you know the exact location, you might still have trouble discovering them because they blend so well with the environment and surroundings.

Where To Find The Secret Weapons Stone Eagles In Sniper Elite 5

So, to help you out even further, we will go over all Secret Weapons Stone Eagles locations following the order on the map above and also point you to the exact location of the Stone Eagles.

Stone Eagle #1 – Behind Hilltop Castle’s Radio Tower

The first Secret Weapons Stone Eagle can be found in the Hilltop Castle in the southwestern part of the map.

After you start Mission 7: Secret Weapons, follow the path until you reach the nazi soldier holding the first Classified Document near a shack.

Climb the stairs, and follow the road to the west, across the bridge, until you reach the Hilltop Castle.

Clear the Hilltop Castle of nazi soldiers, and you complete the optional objective to Neutralize The Radio Tower by sabotaging the radio tower generator or the cables.

To find the Stone Eagle, head outside the tower with the radio generator, climb up the stairs on the left, immediately turn left and go through the small archway until you see the electrical cables on the wall coming through a window frame (check the image below).

Where To Find The Secret Weapons Mission 7 Stone Eagles In Sniper Elite 5

Above that, on the western side of the Radio Tower, you will find the first Stone Eagle in Mission 7, tucked away between the walls and vines.

Stone Eagle #2 – Between Trees On A Small Hill

The next Secret Weapons Stone Eagle can be found on the opposite side of the map from Hilltop Castle.

To avoid facing a lot of german tanks and soldiers on the marked borderline, follow the road we just came on until you reach the railway in the southern part of the map.

Follow the railway to the east, behind the Train Yard, where you have to find clues about the Kill List Target location, Christian Jungers.

Look for an Abandoned House with what used to be a garage and proceed to the south side of the house by the stone fence.

If you look on top of the small hill to the south-southwest, you will find the second Secret Weapons Stone Eagle tucked away between rocks and trees.

Where To Find The Secret Weapons Stone Eagles In Mission 7 Sniper Elite 5

Stone Eagle #3 – Under The Dam

The final Stone Eagle in Mission 7: Secret Weapons can be found near the end of the mission, under the dam.

Complete the primary objectives and make your way to reach the Dam Checkpoint in the northwest part of the map.

Go to the Anti-Air Gun on the Dam Wall from the gatehouse, just before the Dam Checkpoint.

Through the Anti-Air Gun’s fence, look west and down at the water flowing through the dam’s square holes.

Inside the third hole from the end of the dam, there is the final of the Secret Weapons Stone Eagles in Sniper Elite 5.

Where To Find The Secret Weapons Stone Eagles Collectibles In Sniper Elite 5

This one might take a couple of seconds to discover due to water constantly flowing over it, making it difficult to spot.

And that’s how you find and destroy all Secret Weapons Stone Eagles in Sniper Elite 5. If you have any questions or suggestions, leave them in the comments section below.

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