Sniper Elite 5: All Workbenches Locations In Mission 3 Spy Academy

May 30, 2022

Sniper Elite 5 Spy Academy Workbenches are really hard to find and will push you to the limits in your quest to find them.

Workbenches in the video game developed by Rebellion are a type of collectible that can also be used to access the loadout menu during the mission to tweak your arsenal, depending on your playstyle.

Also, once you discover a workbench for one of three types of weapons, it will give you access to more customization options.

Since it’s so important to collect as many as you can, in the following guide, we will show you all Spy Academy Workbenches in Sniper Elite 5.

Where To Find The Spy Academy Workbenches In Sniper Elite 5

The Spy Academy Mission map can be a maze and really confusing when your start your first playthrough. It’s tough to remember anything when all the buildings almost look the same.

Where To Find The Spy Academy Workbenches In Sniper Elite 5

So, to not get lost, we will try to show and explain the route in the same order as on the map above to collect all Spy Academy Workbenches in Sniper Elite 5.

Workbench #1 – SMG

Once you start Mission 3 at the Beaumont Marshland’s starting location, head to the start of the bridge and take out the two soldiers near the truck.

Now, use your binoculars and mark all the soldiers and snipers you see around the fortress and take them out one by one.

This way, you’ll have fewer soldiers to deal with when you reach the fortress.

After that, head to the fortress, going on the right side of the bridge until you reach a gate with motorcycles in front of it.

Now, use your binoculars again and Focus Skill to identify all the soldiers around and it’s up to you if you can take them out or sneak behind them.

Make your way along the main road to the east until you reach a red vehicle parked in the middle of the road.

Where To Find The Spy Academy Workbenches In Mission 3

If you look to the left, you will see the walls covered with white paint and a doorway at the top.

Climb the wall, go through the doorway and follow the narrow tunnel until you reach the armory.

There will be the Spy Academy Workbench – SMG you were looking for just past the door.

Also, pick up all the supplies you can and, very importantly, the Satchel Charge on the right of the Workbench.

Workbench #2 – Pistol

The next Spy Academy Workbench collectible can be found on the upper-most level of the island, northwest of the previous Workbench.

Picklock the green door in the armory and go outside. Make your way through the nazi soldiers and narrow stairs between the buildings to reach the main road.

Climb the slope and take the large set of stairs to the left. Follow the path to the left and climb three more sets of stairs until you see a steel-blue door on your left.

Where To Find The Spy Academy Workbenches Collectibles In Sniper Elite 5

The steel door to the Nazi Armory can be opened using the Armory Key that you can find on an officer in the room next to the large set of stairs or using the Satchel Charge we previously collected.

Plant the Satchel Charge and open the door to collect your second Workbench in Mission 3.

Workbench #3 – Rifle

Once you complete your primary objective, the last Workbench in Mission 3 can be found near the end of the map, close to the extraction point.

From the previous armory with the blue door, head to the west and get inside the cathedral through the west entrance.

Walk until you reach the circle area in the cathedral, near the statue, turn left, and cross the small bridge until you see some cardboard props.

Where To Find The Spy Academy Workbenches Collectibles In Mission 3

Turn left again past the props and take the stairs down (the outside and inside ones) to reach the lowest level.

Head outside into the courtyard through a blue door and follow the path across the stone bridge, and immediately turn right.

Between the two pillars of the road light, a path to the right leads to what looks like a dead-end.

Climb the vines to the top to reach the backside area of this building, where you will find the last Workbench in Mission 3.

Where To Find The Spy Academy Workbench Rifle in Mission 3

And that’s how you collect all Spy Academy Workbenches in Sniper Elite 5. If you have any questions, leave them in the comments section below.

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