Sniper Elite 5: All Workbenches Locations In Mission 2 Occupied Residence

Written by Sergiu Trifu
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May 28, 2022

Sniper Elite 5 Occupied Residence Workbenches collectibles are more difficult to find than the Atlantic Wall Workbenches we collected in the previous mission.

As we have seen before, you need to find all of them alongside the rest of the collectibles to receive one of the three stars for the Occupied Residence Mission.

As a result, you’ll most certainly want to know where to find the Sniper Elite 5 Occupied Residence Workbenches collectibles, and I’ll share their locations with you and how to reach them throughout this guide.

Where To Find The Occupied Residence Workbenches In Sniper Elite 5

Occupied Residence Mission in Sniper Elite 5 features three Workbenches, one for each type of weapon: Rifle, SMG, and Pistol.

sniper elite 5 mission 2 occupied residence workbenches collectibles locations map - GameClubz

In the same order as seen on the map above, here’s how to find all Occupied Residence Workbenches items in the video developed by Rebellion.

Workbench #1 – Pistol

Once you start the Occupied Residence Mission, you will find yourself in a Resistance Camp in the southernmost part of the map.

Make your way through Nazi Camps on the eastern road through a small river and forest that leads up north until you reach the easternmost Nazi Camp.

Inside this camp, there are a lot of explosives that you can ignite and blow up the nazi soldiers. Also, be aware of the nazi sniper in one of the camp’s towers.

Once you have cleared the area of soldiers, look for the officer around this camp and search him for the Armory Key.

Head inside the north building and unlock the Armory. Before getting inside, grab the Classified Document on the desk next to the Armory’s door.

Inside the Armory, you will find the first Occupied Residence Workbench – Pistol.

Where To Find The Occupied Residence Workbench Pistol

Also, behind the Workbench is another Classified Document that you can collect.

Workbench #2 – Rifle

The next Occupied Residence Workbench is more challenging to reach because it is located under the Chateau Estate, in the cellars.

Chateau Estate is packed with nazi soldiers, making it challenging to remain stealthy if you alarm one of the soldiers.

So, from the Armory we’ve been to before, head northwest to reach the courtyard on the east side of the Chateau Estate.

Try to avoid killing any soldier until you reach the courtyard because there will be many patrol cars on the main road that will start investigating the dead bodies you leave behind.

Once you reach the chateau, head inside, and you will find yourself in a ballroom filled with nazi officers, one of them being your kill list target, Friedrich Kummler.

Where To Find The Occupied Residence Workbench Rifle Ballroom

Take them out, starting with the officers in the back, so this way they can’t escape the room and alert other soldiers.

Try to use a silenced pistol or SMG and be as quick as possible with your headshots.

Once you’re done, head through the south door at the end of the room (marked in the image above).

Now, look for a doorway on the left that leads to a staircase going down to the cellars.

Where To Find The Occupied Residence Workbench SMG

Here, you will find the second Occupied Residence Workbench for you to collect and maybe a good time to tweak your loadout since you are here.

Workbench #3 – SMG

The last Occupied Residence Workbench can be found in a farmhouse west of the Chateau Estate.

Leave the Chateau Estate through the northwestern side and head west through the orchards until you reach the farmhouse.

In the northwest part of the building, there are some vines that you can climb up to reach the attic through a hole in the roof.

Once in the attic, you will find the Occupied Residence Workbench SMG right next to the hole.

sniper elite 5 occupied residence workbenches smg - GameClubz

And that’s how you collect all the Occupied Residence Workbenches in Sniper Elite 5. If you have any questions or suggestions, leave them in the comments section below.

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  1. Number 3 is marked wrong, the workbench is in the small farm NE of where you have it marked, other side of the bridge.

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