Sniper Elite 5: How To Kill Christian Jungers With A V2 In Mission 7 Secret Weapons

June 13, 2022

Sniper Elite 5 Dr. Christian Jungers is an infamous V2 engineer working for the nazis in the Rocketry Lab on the new prototype A4-B.

The “RSC 1918” Rifle is unlocked as a reward for killing Christian Jungers with a V2 during the Secret Weapons Mission, giving you more options for customizing your loadout.

This might be one of the most complicated kill challenges so far because it requires a lot of stealth action and some preparations in order to complete the challenge.

Therefore, in the following guide, we will show you where to find Dr. Christian Jungers and what you need to do to complete the kill challenge in the video game developed by Rebellion.

Where To Find Secret Weapons Christian Jungers In Sniper Elite 5

At the start of Mission 7: Secret Weapons, the first part of the Kill List optional objective will take you to the Train Yard for the kill, but you won’t find Dr. Christian Jungers here.

Instead, you will find a Classified Document, “Dr. Jungers’ Schedule,” inside the eastern barrack, just before the train depot, that will reveal the actual location of Christian Jungers.

Where To Find Secret Weapons Christian Jungers In Sniper Elite 5

How To Kill Christian Jungers With A V2 In Mission 7

For this Kill Challenge, we will need a pair of Bolt Cutters that you can obtain early in Mission 7 by following the path marked in the image below.

At the end of this path, you will find a small bunker with a large crate that you can pick the lock to open, and inside, you will find a pair of Bolt Cutters.

How To Kill Christian Jungers With A V2 In Mission 7 Secret Weapons

Now, head back south on the railway leading to the Train Yard, where the Kill List optional objective takes you in the first place.

Clear the area of nazi soldiers and pick up the Classified Document in the eastern barrack we mentioned before to reveal the location of Christian Jungers.

Now, we will sneak inside through a secret entrance because it is nearly impossible to get through one of the base gates without being detected.

Proceed northeast from the Train Yard without being detected by the snipers in the watchtowers until you reach the base’s fence’s end, on the map’s far east.

You will find a damaged fence you can cut using the Bolt Cutters to pass through.

Now, I recommend you do a quick save just in case you get spotted, so you don’t have to start over again.

How To Kill Christian Jungers With A V2 In Mission 7 Damaged Fence

Climb the watchtower next to you and kill the Elite Sniper practicing shooting at the top, then go for the officer in the blue barracks.

Make your way through the grass on the other side of the road without getting spotted until you see the Tiger Tank parked and an elite soldier.

After 20 seconds, the Tiger Tank will leave its parking spot guided by the elite soldier, and it will head for the shooting range, where we killed the two nazis.

Wait for the Tiger Tank to reach its destination and silently take out the elite soldier roaming the parking spot.

Now, proceed to the tank workshop entrance on the right side and do another quick save, just in case.

How To Kill Christian Jungers With A V2 In Mission 7 Tank Workshop

There are two nazi germans in this room, one inspecting the tank on the left and the other on the right.

Use the “Pacify” Action and leave the soldier unconscious on the right first, then go for the one inspecting the tank, using the same action (use the Focus Skill to locate them more easily in the room).

Don’t melee kill them because their screams will alert the whole building.

Climb the stairs on the right side of the room until you reach the second floor with a scientist and two doors on the right.

Don’t kill or pacify the scientist; just sneak through the first door and identify Christian Jungers behind the truck using your binoculars without being detected by the other scientist checking the crates.

How To Kill Christian Jungers With A V2 In Mission 7

After this, sneak back on the stairs without getting detected by the previous scientist, climb up to the third floor and go through the left until you find an elite soldier guarding the V2 Rocket.

Sneak behind his back and leave him unconscious using the “Pacify” Action.

Now, sit here by the railing and wait a minute or two for Christian Jungers to finish his conversation with his fellow scientist and reach the test site (you can see his location all the time using the Focus Skill).

Once he is right under the V2 Rocket, shoot at one of the hooks holding the rocket to drop right on him and complete the Kill Challenge.

How To Kill Christian Jungers With A V2 Destroying The Hook In Mission 7

This Kill Challenge is similar to Friedrich Kummler Kill List Target during the Occupied Residence Mission when we had to drop the chandelier on his head if you haven’t completed it before.

And that’s how you kill Christian Jungers with a V2 in Sniper Elite 5. If you have any questions or suggestions, drop them in the comments section below.

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  1. You can also knock him unconscious, and then move his body under the V2 rocket before letting it fall on him

  2. or you can just f*ck the stealth enter with force kill all but junkers, knock him unconsius put him under de v2 on the ground and drop that f*cker on hius head.

      1. Thanks so much hahaha I literally did that, had kill some guys coz I got spotted then when the I killed the soilders I went back to where he was Subdued him went to the rocket looked up was like ” mm yeh here will do, then Boom Killed by his own Rocket. The above method omg such a drag. I never would of thought of this had I not read your comment 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  3. If you run and gun, you can kill everyone. Knock Jungers out with a rush and melee. Carry him unconscious to the point below the v2 step back and shoot the hook. Much quicker than stealth or if you screw up the stealth part you can still salvage it

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