Sniper Elite 5: All Hidden Items Locations In Mission 3 Spy Academy

May 30, 2022

Sniper Elite 5 Spy Academy Hidden Items will take you a little bit of time to find because there is a lot of exploring to be done, and also, they are pretty small and can easily be missed.

Hidden Items are a type of collectible that holds a relatively small portion of information relevant to the mission. Still, you need to collect all of them if you want to complete your collectibles collection.

Therefore, in the following guide, we will show you the locations of all Spy Academy Hidden Items in the latest video game developed by Rebellion.

Where To Find The Spy Academy Hidden Items In Sniper Elite 5

Spy Academy Mission can be pretty overwhelming at first, with many places to explore and many more nazi soldiers to kill.

The good part is that these Hidden Items can easily be found with the proper guidance, and that’s where we got you covered.

Where To Find The Spy Academy Hidden Items In Sniper Elite 5

So, following the same order as on the map above, we will show you the optimal route to find all Hidden Items in Mission 3 Spy Academy.

Hidden Item #1 – Kriegsmarine Playing Cards

After you cross the long bridge, follow the main west road until you reach the westernmost tower on the island.

There should be a couple of nazi soldiers along the way, but it’s up to you if you take them out silently or just put up a fight.

There will be a fountain in the middle with four vehicles parked around. Next to the first vehicle on the left, take the circular path that leads up to the tower.

East of the tower, there is a bar on the left with white rusty metal tables and chairs in front of it.

Head inside the bar, and you will find your first Spy Academy Hidden Item on one of the tables.

Where To Find The Spy Academy Hidden Items In Mission 3

Hidden Item #2 – Covert Ops Field Manual

To collect the next Spy Academy Hidden Item, you will have to kill many nazi soldiers along the way, so make yourself comfortable.

From the previous Hidden Item, head back to the main road and follow the path until you reach a large set of stairs on the left side.

Climb up the stairs, take the path to the left and keep going until you reach the west entrance of the cathedral.

Where To Find The Spy Academy Hidden Items In Sniper Elite 5 Mission 3

Also, if you are wondering how you can open the blue steel door on the left, check our Spy Academy Workbenches locations guide to find out.

Now, go inside the cathedral, keep going straight until you reach the circular area, and head outside through the left exit.

Note: Since you are already in the cathedral, you can complete the Fabian Richter Kill Challenge covered in depth here.

Cross the small bridge and immediately turn left past the cardboard props.

Keep going straight until you reach some stairs that will take you down to a lobby area.

The second out of the three Spy Academy Hidden Items can be found on one of the three tables pushed together. 

Where To Find The Spy Academy Hidden Items Locations

Hidden Item #3 – Ornate Compass

Now, for the final Spy Academy Hidden Item, head back near the small bridge we crossed earlier, next to the cardboard props.

To the left, take the blue doorway and follow the path to reach the small building in the northeast part of the Spy Academy.

Where To Find The Spy Academy Hidden Items Mission 3 in Sniper Elite 5

Head up the stairs into the spymaster’s office, and you should find the Cellar Keys and a Classified Document on his table.

Adjacent to the entrance, there should be a narrow room with a safe that can be opened with the code learned from the intel information (classified documents or personal letters) or using a Satchel Charge.

Where To Find The Last Spy Academy Hidden Item In Sniper Elite 5

If you don’t have either of those, we can still find a Satchel Charge in the cellar of this building using the keys you just picked up earlier.

Head back down the stairs and open the locked door that takes you to the cellar.

Climb down the ladders until you reach the bottom and look around for a Satchel Charge.

Head back up, fuse the Satchel and collect the final one of the Spy Academy Hidden Items in Sniper Elite 5.

Did you find all Spy Academy Hidden Items locations in Sniper Elite 5? Let us know in the comments section below.

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