Sniper Elite 5: How To Neutralize The Coastal Defenses In Mission 1 Atlantic Wall

Written by Vlad Susanu
May 27, 2022

Sniper Elite 5 Neutralize Coastal Defenses is one of the three Optional Objectives you can complete while playing The Atlantic Wall mission in the latest video game published by Rebellion.

Although you can finish the Sniper Elite 5 Atlantic Wall without completing this Optional Objective, if you want to get three stars and level up faster, neutralizing the Nazi’s Defenses around Colline-Sur-Mer is mandatory.

Therefore throughout the following guide, we’ll go over the Coastal Defenses locations and how to destroy them without altering the enemies that protect them.

Furthermore, we’ll share the optimal path you should consider following and the locations of the charges you have to find to destroy the said defenses.

Where To Find The Atlantic Wall Coastal Defenses In Sniper Elite 5

Sniper Elite 5 Atlantic Wall Coastal Defenses are found along the southern coast at the edge of the map. The defenses are, in fact, bunkers you’ll need to blow up by placing satchel charges at fixed locations.

It is worth knowing that this Atlantic Wall Optional Objective won’t appear on your map unless you finish the tutorial and find the first Vantage Point and the first Workbench (you can follow our guide for all Workbenches here). Or, simply put, complete the Back On Track objective and learn the game’s basics.

Once you finish the said objective, the map opens up, and you are free to explore it as you wish. Before completing the main objectives, though, you’ll want to deal with the optional tasks, and the first one involves the three Coastal Defenses.

As such, the moment you exit the first section of the map, you’ll want to head west towards the Vantage Point spotted by the recon planes.

After dealing with the two soldiers near the vantage point (both can be easily killed from behind), use your binoculars to spot the three bunkers on the map below.

Sniper Elite 5 Atlantic Wall Neutralize Coastal Defenses Locations Guide

As you can see on the map, you’ll want to approach the bunkers from the east, and the first step here is to use the zipline near the vantage point.

How To Neutralize Coastal Defense Bunker #1 In Atlantic Wall

The first Nazi Bunker you’ll need to neutralize is west of the Vantage Point, and between your current location and the building, you’ll have to deal with a Nazi that oversees the road along the coast.

It is a solitary target inside a watch post on the right side of the road as you move west. You can easily take him out with a melee attack from behind.

After dealing with him, approach the bunker by the road, and you’ll see two soldiers (pictured below).

Sniper Elite 5 Atlantic Wall Coastal Defenses Locations Guide

Behind them (marked in the screenshot) is the Satchel Charge you’ll want to pick up to blow up the bunker.

To deal with the two soldiers at the entrance, you can whistle, and they’ll start investigating the area. Now, using a handgun with a suppressor, shoot the guard without a helmet first, then the other one. Obviously, this is only one of the methods you can use to get rid of them.

After killing the two guards, get the Satchel Charge near the door and head inside the bunker, looting everything.

As you enter the bunker, turn left, place the charge on the wall, and light the fuse. Pick the Slow option so you can safely exit the bunker, then head west.

Don’t worry because the explosion won’t alert the nearby enemies.

How To Neutralize Coastal Defense #2 In The Atlantic Wall

Moving west from the first bunker, you should be able to see the second Coastal Defense, which is on a small hill at a crossroad.

This time, however, you’ll have to deal with three soldiers. Two of them discuss in front of the bunker, and one patrols in the back.

Here you’ll want to be patient and wait for the two guards at the entrance to finish talking; then, they’ll start patrolling.

One will go inside the bunker; the other will face the other way. First, deal with the Nazi outside (marked below) while he looks away. You can shoot him using a suppressor.

Sniper Elite 5 The Atlantic Wall Coastal Defenses Locations Guide

Next, quickly head inside and melee the second soldier investigating the cannon. Finally, head back outside and shoot the soldier patrolling in the back.

Now, pick up the Satchel from the table outside the bunker and place it on the cannon. Again pick the Slow option when lighting the fuse.

How To Destroy Coastal Defense #3 In Atlantic Wall

With two Coastal Defenses neutralized in Sniper Elite 5 The Atlantic Wall, it’s time to head further west towards the last one.

Take the dirt path behind the second bunker and head down the hill to remain unseen.

Now, move west but pay attention to the left side as you’ll see some stairs leading down the beach.

Follow the stairs, then move along the beach to avoid all soldiers guarding the town.

When you reach the other side, follow the stairs up, and you should see a large green gate. The satchel charge you have to grab is on the right side (pictured below).

Sniper Elite 5 Atlantic Wall How To Neutralize Coastal Defenses

On the left side of the same iron gate is the entrance to a small house. That’s the path you have to follow, so grab the Satchel, then head inside but be aware that one Nazi soldier is waiting for you on the lower level.

Make sure you scan the area to spot him, then take him out silently when he is not aware.

Once you clear the ground floor, you’ll need to climb two ladders to spot a rather large cannon. Place the Satchel, then pick the Slow option when you light the fuse; otherwise, the explosion will most likely kill you.

Last but not least, descend the ladders and get out of the building. Now, go around the corner, and after the final explosion, the Sniper Elite 5 The Atlantic Wall Neutralize Coastal Defenses side-objective is complete.

At this point, you’ll want to focus on the next side objective, which requires you to kill Steffen Beckendorf with an explosion.

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  1. At the last bunker atop the building, I found only one soldier somewhere out of sight at the top floor, possibly in another room. He got killed when I blew up the guns. The vantage point near the start had a powerful sniper rifle lying against the wall on the uppermost floor that allowed me to pick them most of the enemy from the other side of the map, including killing Beckendorf. That mission still shows on my map though. It’d going to be interesting to find out what happens next.

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