Sniper Elite 5: How To Kill Matthaus Ehrlich Using A Rat Bomb In Mission 4 War Factory

May 31, 2022

Sniper Elite 5 Matthaus Ehrlich is a nazi rat that has been supplying the Resistance and SOE with faulty intel, and it’s time to put an end to his miserable life during the War Factory Mission.

You will have to opportunity to execute your Kill List target, Matthaus Ehrlich, fairly early during Mission 4 once you reach the railway depot.

Also, if you kill the target using the rat bomb received from the Resistance at the start of Mission 4, you can unlock the bonus weapon M.Pist.44 for your loadout.

Therefore, in the following guide, we will show you step by step where to find Matthaus Ehrlich and how to kill him using the rat bomb.

Where To Find War Factory Matthaus Ehrlich In Sniper Elite 5

Matthaus Ehrlich can be found inside a small warehouse, between the railway and the shipping warehouse, located in the southern part of the map.

Where To Find War Factory Matthaus Ehrlich In Sniper Elite 5

After you finish the cinematic and on your way to head outside the Resistance base, you are offered by a Resistance Fighter a Rat Bomb on the red tray.

Take the rat bomb, head outside, and go down the zip line.

Kill the two nazi soldiers and once more go down the zip-line in the south.

Follow the path ahead, cross the steel bridge and climb up the ladder and vines to reach the railway depot.

Here I would recommend a quick save game because it will take some tries until you get the right timing. This way, you don’t have to start over again to reach this area, and you can just load the game back from this point.

How To Kill Matthaus Ehrlich Using A Rat Bomb In Mission 4

Now, follow the rails until you reach small white storage on the left and a couple of crates on top of each other between the two rails.

Matthaus Ehrlich is inside the small warehouse with a watchtower next to it, talking to a nazi officer.

As you approach the area, watch out for the sniper in the watchtower and the nazi soldier operating the flashlight.

You have to take them out in two gunshots using a silenced weapon, so when the nazi officer and Matthaus Ehrlich start investigating, they will be confused about where the gunshots were coming from.

How To Kill Matthaus Ehrlich Using A Rat Bomb In Mission 4

Another thing to be wary of is the regular armored car patrols on the road behind the watchtower.

You must stay out of sight because things will rapidly become complicated if one of those spots you.

Now, get close to the fence and get inside the small warehouse’s yard once the investigation is over while keeping an eye out for the armored car patrols.

You will find a door with a lock that can be picked but don’t bother with that, and head to the far end of the building, where you will find a double door opened.

How To Use The Rat Bomb In The War Factory Mission

If you look around the warehouse, you will see several spots highlighted where you can place the rat bomb.

How To Use The Rat Bomb In Sniper Elite 5 War Factory Mission

Take your time, and wait for Matthaus Ehrlich to be with his back to the doors or in the next room, so you can sneak behind him and place the rat bomb.

Also, you can do another quick save here if you don’t feel confident enough that you won’t get spotted.

Once you place it, sneak back outside and stay out of sight between the door and the cart holding the chests, so you can still watch the show without being detected by the armored patrol cars or the target.

Be patient and wait a couple of minutes because he’ll eventually find it, shoot the rat, and detonate the bomb.

And that’s how you kill Matthaus Ehrlich using a rat bomb in the video game developed by Rebellion. If you have any questions or suggestions, drop them in the comments section below.

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