Outriders Secluded Homestead Loot Chest Locations Guide

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April 4, 2021

Outriders Secluded Homestead is a side-quest Wreckage Zone area you will have to explore while playing The Outrider’s Legacy, and it includes two Loot Chests you may want to find for additional resources and gear. The Wreckage Zone Secluded Homestead is probably the easiest area in the video game because there are no enemies to deal with. The region is very small, and all you have to do is to get the chests and watch a cutscene.

To enter the Secluded Homestead the first time, you have to track The Outrider’s Legacy side quest. You can start it by talking to Lucy in Trench Town. When you do that, she’ll ask you to search for Monique in the Wreckage Zone.

So, head back to your camp and follow the tunnels north toward the Polluted Outpost. Once inside the tunnels, take a right turn and go through the red gate to reach Clearwater Springs, collecting the Loot Chest on your way to the Crevice Explorer Flag. After you unlock the Crevice Flag, head left and use the rope to enter The Outrider’s Legacy Area.

Loot Chest #1

The first Secluded Homestead Loot Chest is located by a large yellow gate. The moment you enter this small region, move forward and cross to the other side. While facing the red grate, turn left to spot a tunnel and a dead-end. The chest is in front of it, as you can see in my screenshot.

Outriders Secluded Homestead Loot Chests Locations

Loot Chest #2

After you get the previous chest, head back to the large cabin and hug the right-side mountain wall. Look for a large container (there is an ammo crate in front of it), and inside, you’ll find the second Loot Chest.

Outriders Secluded Homestead Chests Locations
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