Outriders Old Man’s Hut: All Loot Chests Locations Guide

by Vlad
April 1, 2021

Outriders Old Man’s Hut is a First City area that is also a bit trickier to reach; but since it includes one Loot Chest, which contains Gear, Scraps, and Crafting Materials; we will cover it below.

The Outriders First City Old Man’s Hut, just like Boglands, can’t be accessed while playing the game’s story because it is a side-quest region.

As you probably know, this means that without starting a specific side-quest, you can’t enter the Old Man’s Hut.

So, in the short guide below, I’ll tell you how to get to the Old Man’s Hut in Outriders and also where to find the hidden Loot Chest.

How To Enter Old Man’s Hut In Outriders

If you want to know how to enter the Old Man’s Hut, then the answer is simple.

You’ll have to find Alfred McKellen below.

Outriders Old Man's Hut How To Enter
Meet Alfred!

This NPC is located in your First City camp, and once you talk to him, you will be able to start the side-quest named No Place Like Home.

The said side-quest is your ticket into the hut, however, getting there is no easy task because the fastest way is to fast travel to the Footbridge Explore Flag; then you will have to cross the Gallows.

Make sure that you also get the Gallows Loot Chest if you missed it.

Now, once you exit the Gallows using the key dropped by the final mob you kill, you will have to ascend a small hill.

On top of it is the Old Man’s Hut and your objective for the No Place Like Home side quest. The entrance to this area is basically under the first Radio Tower Loot Chest.

So head inside and get ready to meet a new boss.

Old Man’s Hut Chest Location

The Old Man’s Hut area is quite small, but it’s also very dangerous because here you’ll meet Captain Diesel.

And as you are about to see, he has a horde of enemies by his side.

So, your first goal here is to clear all of them.

Since there is nothing important to find in the first section, focus on your enemies, then open the gate to the next section.

Loot Chest – Next To McKellen’s Old House

After you open the gate and clear the way to McKellen’s Old House, your next objective is to wait for him.

Before triggering the cutscene, however, head left around his house.

There is a path that leads you straight to the chest you have to find. You can see it below.

Outriders Old Man's Hut Loot Chest
Look behind the hut

Make sure you grab the loot, then head back and wait for McKellen by pressing the corresponding button while standing close to the objective marker.

And that’s it. Now you know where to find the Outriders Old Man’s Hut Loot Chest in the video game developed by People Can Fly.

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