Outriders Bunker Hill: All Loot Chests Locations Guide

Written by Vlad Susanu
March 5, 2021

Outriders Bunker Hill Chests contain additional gear, Scraps, and Crafting Materials you can get while playing the video game developed by People Can Fly, so in the following guide, we will go over the locations of these Loot Chests.

Unlike the Hounds Base, this time, you’ll have to find only 2 Outriders Loot Chests.

Before we start, keep in mind that even though they may not contain Legendary Gear, you’ll want to check both chests for items you can dismantle or sell.

Last but not least, this area is unlocked by starting the Payback side-quest. To do this, head to the Crossroads and find Audrey Storm. She’s located in the ruins, and she wants you to find and kill Captain Reiner.

Outriders Bunker Hill Chests Locations

When you enter Bunker Hill, you’ll notice a very large area, and as you descend the stairs, a lot of enemies spawn.

Your first goal; is, as usual, to deal with all of them; however, make sure you focus on the Snipers on the other side as soon as possible.

Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about any Loot Chests the moment you enter Bunker Hill because there is only one, and it’s sitting on the other side.

Loot Chest #1

After you dispatch all enemies, go up the hill and make sure you collect the key that allows you to open the door leading to the boss in Bunker Hill.

Now, as you progress towards the next waypoint (or the demolished building on top of the hill), make a left turn to spot the door pictured below.

It is opposed to the location of the waypoint, and below, you can see my Trickster aiming at it.

Outriders Bunker Hill Loot Chests Locations
Look for the first chest on the right side of this room

The first Outriders Bunker Hill Loot Chest is on the right side as you enter.

Loot Chest #2

For the second Outriders Loot Chest in Bunker Hill, first, you’ll have to deal with Captain Reiner.

Without going into tactics and strategies on how to defeat Reiner, once you deal with him, you’ll want to look for the chest in the back of his room.

When you enter, this chest is located behind Reiner.

Obviously, you’ll want to clear the area before getting the goodies inside this one.

Outriders Bunker Hill Chests Locations
The second chest is in Reiner’s room

Once you get the second chest, use the Bunker Hill Return Point to fast-travel back to the Crossroads Explorer Flag and turn in the quest.

And that’s it! Now you know where to find all Outriders Bunker Hill Chests, so let’s focus on those in Ruined Outpost next, shall we?

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