Outriders Crossplay: How To Enable & Play With Friends On Different Platforms

by Vlad
March 2, 2021

Outriders Crossplay is a feature that, although it’s experimental, allows you to team up with friends that play the video game developed by People Can Fly on other platforms, usually different than yours.

The Crossplay in the Outriders free demo is a beta feature, and most likely, it will remain in this state even after the final version releases; however, it is something worth knowing how to use.

Thus, below we will go over the Outriders Cross-Play, how to enable it, and why you should turn it on because, by default, it is turned off.

Outriders Crossplay How To Turn On/Off
You can turn on and off the Crossplay in Outriders, but should you?

What Is The Outriders Crossplay

The Outriders Crossplay or Cross-Play is an option that most video games need, and only a few have.

Basically, it allows users to play the same game and join the same sessions, regardless of the platforms they play on.

As an example, let’s say that one of your friends is playing Outriders on Xbox Series X, but you play it on PlayStation 5.

In most video games, your friend won’t be able to team up with you because there are some restrictions.

Now without going into technical details, the devs at People Can Fly want to remove these restrictions by implementing the Crossplay option, which can be turned off and on.

What Happens When You Turn Off Enable Crossplay

Nothing bad should happen, that’s for sure.

If you turn it off,  matchmaking will simply pick players who use the same gaming platforms as you do.

If, let’s say, you play the game on PlayStation 4; your team will have players who play Outriders on PlayStation 4.

Assuming you want to turn it on, as explained above, the matchmaking will ignore the platforms, and players using other gaming consoles will be able to join your session.

In this case, we are talking about PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Stadia.

Obviously, one of the results of turning this option on is faster matchmaking; but since this feature is still experimental, it should be treated as such.

How To Enable Cross-Play

In order to enable Crossplay in Outriders, all you have to do is to hit a switch, so to speak.

You can find it in the Gameplay tab, which is accessed through the game’s Options, just under the setting that allows you to hide your helmet or headgear.

On PlayStation 4 and 5, follow these steps:

  • Press the Options button on your PlayStation controller.
  • In the Game Menu, under World Tier, pick Options
  • In the Gameplay Tab, you’ll see the Enable Crossplay feature on the last row in the Gameplay Options section (also pictured above)

And that’s it.

Now you can play with other Outriders even though they are on different platforms; however, don’t forget that this option is in beta, and it may take some time until it works properly.

But it’s a step forward in the right direction. A big one.

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