Outriders Flooded Buildings: All Loot Chests Locations Guide

by Vlad
April 7, 2021

Outriders Flooded Buildings is a side-quest Quarry area you will have to explore while playing the Historian -Roots mission, and it includes only one Loot Chest you may want to open for additional resources and gear.

The Outriders Quarry Flooded Buildings is also small compared to other regions; however, in order to reach it, first you’ll have to cross the Pest Filled Mine where another chest awaits.

So basically, this area is the one where you’ll find one of Madame Beauvoir’s items.

How To Get To Quarry Flooded Buildings In Outriders

To enter the Flooded Buildings, you have to track the Historian -Roots side quest or mission.

As you probably guess, the first goal is to set your camp in the Quarry, and then you’ll have to fast-travel to the Outpost Gate Explorer Flag, where two more chests can be found.

Now, simply follow your objective marker, and you’ll eventually reach a broken bridge. Once you jump, you’ll find yourself in the Pest Filled Mine.

Progress through the mine, and the moment you clear the rocks on the other side, you’ll be in the Flooded Buildings area.

Flooded Buildings Chest Location

Similar to the mines, this area is full of Perforo.

Make your stand on top of the hill and deal with them before attempting to go after the chest.

Loot Chest – Near A Fence On The Left Side

This Outriders Loot Chest here is extremely easy to find because it’s in the starting area.

You can actually see it before the Perforos start their attack.

While standing on top of the hill, look down and to the left.

As you can see in my screenshot below, it’s right next to a fence and a damaged building.

Outriders Flooded Buildings Loot Chests Locations
On the left side, next to the fence

Claim the goodies inside, then search for Madame Beauvoir’s artifact, which is inside one of the houses, next to a broken wall.

And that’s it, friends. Now you know where to find the Outriders Flooded Buildings Loot Chest in the video game developed by People Can Fly, so now head to the Mine & Refinery for the next two.

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