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Outriders is a cooperative action role-playing third-person video game developed by People Can Fly and published by Square Enix.  It was released on April 1, 2021, for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Stadia.

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Updated November 29, 2023

If you’re looking to get the best gear in Outriders, then it means that you’re looking for Legendary Gear, which we all know is hard to get because there are a lot of variables to consider; however, even in the free demo offered by People Can Fly, you can actually farm Legendary Gear.

It is not easy, that’s for sure, but investing time into farming Outriders Legendary Weapons is totally worth it, and below you’ll find out why. So, let’s talk about two Outriders Legendary Gear farming methods that I think you’ll love and should definitely try. Now, before we begin with the requirements you should consider, let me tell you why I have picked these two methods:

  • First because, although I have tested these while playing the demo version, I am pretty sure both methods to farm Legendary Gear in Outriders will also work in the final game
  • Second, because they are pretty fast and they don’t require too much time
  • Third, because I got a lot of Outriders Legendaries using both of them, as you are about to see.

So, these are the reasons for which I recommend using the two Outriders Legendary Weapons Farming methods I am about to share with you.

How to Farm Legendary Gear in Outriders

When it comes to farming Legendaries in Outriders, there are three variables you’ll need to be aware of. Two of them affect the drop chance or the drop rate for these unique weapons or gear, while the third one affects your productivity. So let’s take them one by one so you can fully understand what you have to do.

World Tier

The Outriders World Tier plays a crucial role when it comes to getting Legendary Weapons or Gear. It is the most important factor you’ll always have to be aware of, and if you want to know why, the answer is in the image below.

Outriders Legendary Gear Farming

As you can see, each Outriders World Tier comes with different modifiers, including the drop rate for Legendaries. For example, World Tier 05 increases the Legendary drop rate by 25%. It may not be too much, but it increases with each new World Tier level you achieve.

At World Tier 15 (the highest one), this specific modifier increases your chance to get Legendary Gear by 300%, which we all have to admit is really impressive. So this is the first aspect you’ll have to be aware of, which means that when farming for Legendary Gear in Outriders, you’ll always play on the highest available tier. For the demo version, this is 5. Make sure you reach it by completing all quests and side quests at least once.

Enemy Type

The second factor that affects your chance of getting those shiny weapons is the enemy type. Now, in the demo version, as well as the final game, you’ll have to face a lot of enemies, but some of them are stronger than the rest. We’ll call these bosses and mini-bosses. For example, Gauss from the Reunion quest is a boss, while the Captain in Terra Infirma is a mini-boss.

Both of them have a better chance to drop Legendary Gear than the normal mobs you’ll get to fight on Enoch. Obviously, Gauss is the one you’ll want to aim for, but unfortunately, to get to him, you’ll have to spend quite some time. This brings us to the next factor.


A good Outriders farming method requires productivity, and your productivity increases based on your speed. Again, simply put, the faster you grind, the better. As such, if we have to compare the two enemies above, Gauss may drop a Legendary Gear faster than the Captain, but you’ll need more time to get to him.

Therefore, by the time you kill Gauss once, you’ll most likely melt the Captain 3 times or even more. Obviously, your build and class also matter, but the idea here is to grind as fast as you can. Let’s see how you can do that.

Combat Free Legendary Gear Fast Farm

The first method we will cover in our guide is combat-free, meaning that you won’t have to engage in combat. What makes this Outriders Legendary Gear Fast Farm method so special is that even though there are no bosses, it is extremely fast, and you’ll also farm Scraps.

So, you’ll want to try this method to get at least one Outriders Legendary Weapon that you can use on the mini-boss featured in the second part of our guide. Let’s see the steps you need to follow here.

  • First, make sure you play on the highest available World Tier. The reason is explained above, so we won’t go into details again
  • In the Outriders Demo, finish the story, while in the final version, make sure you get to the point where you have to leave for the First City
  • Now, click Options and Return to Lobby
  • In the Lobby, go to Select Story Point
  • Pick Rift Town, then Confront the Altered at the Tower
  • Confirm the Stroy Point, then hit Continue Game

After several seconds, you’ll be brought to the area where this specific Story Point begins. Here, you’ll want to focus on three chests. Even though there are more, you’ll only go for those below because speed and productivity matter.

Legendary Gear Chests

When the mission starts, head through the first door in front of you. Hug the left wall, follow the stairs up, and you’ll see a pipe (pictured below). Take a sharp right here, then follow the stairs on the right to find a hidden chest at a dead end.

Outriders Legendary Gear Fast Farm

Loot it, then retrace your steps back to the starting point. Now exit the building, and right in front of you, on the hill pictured above, you’ll see another chest (pictured). Open this one as well.

Outriders Legendaries Farming

Next, turn around, and while facing the building, head right. Follow the path down the hill and hug the right side to spot an area with some water (also pictured).

Outriders Legendary Weapons Farm

Take a right turn here and keep going until you’ll see the third chest at a dead end. Now, this run is over, so you’ll want to go to Options, then Return To Lobby, and repeat until you get a Legendary.

Remember that in order to reset the chests, you’ll need to go to Select Story Point and confirm. Otherwise, if you pick Continue, the chests won’t reset. Now, let’s see the other method, which involves combat.

Combat-Based Legendary Gear Farm

For this farming method, again, you’ll have to meet some requirements:

  • Set your Outriders World Tier to the highest level
  • Return to your Camp in Rift Town and talk to Shira Gutmann
  • Accept her side quest named Terra Infirma
  • Head to the Explorer Flag in Rift Town and fast-travel to the Crossroads Explorer Flag
  • Finally, follow your marker and enter Terra Infirma Area

Once the mission starts, you’ll want to clear the first area in order to reach the checkpoint below.

Outriders Best Legendary Weapons Farm

The idea behind this fast Outriders Legendary Gear Farm is to focus on a mini-boss known as the Captain. But there is a small catch here. So, after you reach the checkpoint in my image above, you’ll want to replenish your ammo and get ready for some intense fighting. In the next area, there are a lot of mobs that will wait for you; however, your main target is the Captain you see below.

Outriders Terra Infirma Captain Farm

Simply put, you’ll want to kill him as fast as possible, grab the loot he drops, and then let one of the mobs kill you. By doing this, you’ll return to the checkpoint mentioned above, and you’ll be able to fight the Captain again. This mini-boss is the one that should drop Legendary Gear; however, there are several factors you’ll have to be aware of:

  • If you kill all mobs, you’ll have to return to Shira Gutmann, turn in the side quest, then start all over again
  • Furthermore, if you constantly kill the boss and you don’t get a Legendary Weapon, consider completing the quest and replaying it
  • The Captain’s attacks change, which means that sometimes he is quite resilient. Especially when he has the healing ability. If you can’t melt him in less than 1 minute, restart the side-quest

Legendary Weapons List

Now, you may want to know what Outriders Legendary Weapons you can get using the farming methods explained above. Below, you’ll see some of these weapons and their abilities. These are available in the Outriders Demo version and most likely will also drop in the final game:

  • Voodoo Matchmaker – Assault Rifle – Shots link up to 3 enemies, sharing 30% of regular damage and 10% of Anomaly damage
  • Absolute Zero – Assault Rifle – Shots inflict a high amount of freeze on enemies
  • Thunderbird – Assault Rifle – Shots bring down a lightning strike on enemies hit
  • Torment and Agony – Pistols – Shots mark enemies, and when you reload, marked enemies are dealt 5 times weapon damage
  • Golem’s Limb – Shotgun – Killing shots give you protective Golem Armour
  • Paxian Blessing – Shotgun – Reloading restores your health based on how many enemies you’ve defeated since your last reload
  • Aerie Master – Shotgun – Shots inflict Time Rift, which makes enemies float in the air
  • The Iceberg – Sniper Rifle – Critical hits shoot out an icy blast that freezes enemies
  • Molten Eidola – Sniper Rifle – Shots create swarms of locusts that deal damage and weakness to enemies
  • Rarog’s Gaze – Sniper Rifle – Shots cause explosions that deal damage and Weakness to enemies
  • Grim Marrow – LMG – Killing shots create an Anomaly bomb that deals damage to nearby enemies when destroyed
  • Amber Vault – LMG – Killing shots increase damage dealt for 30 seconds, stacks up to 5 times
  • The Migraine – SMG – Shots inflict a high amount of Bleed on enemies

Welcome to the Outriders game hub, where you get to learn everything about Enoch and your journey ahead. We cover the best Outriders classes, skills, legendary weapons, gear, and all collectibles locations!

Outriders is a cooperative action role-playing third-person video game developed by People Can Fly and published by Square Enix.  It was released on April 1, 2021, for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Stadia.

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