Outriders Bloodsoaked Fort Loot Chest Locations Guide

Vlad Susanu Written by Vlad Susanu
April 7, 2021

Outriders Bloodsoaked Fort is a side-quest Wreckage Zone area you will have to explore while playing the Wanted – Bloody Barron mission and it includes three Loot Chests you may want to open for additional resources and gear. The Outriders Wreckage Zone Bloodsoaked Fort is a vast arena with lots of enemies and also your Wanted mission target, named Bloody Barron.

On top of the loot you get from the Bloody Baron boss, you can also find three chests, and below, I’ll tell you where to look for them.

To enter the Bloodsoaked Fort, you have to track the Bloody Baron Wanted Mission. Since this area is not associated with the game’s main quests, the only way to get in is when you hunt down that specific target. One important thing to remember here is that after you kill the Bloody Baron and turn in the quest, you will no longer be able to visit the Bloodsoaked Fort.

So make sure you get the chests the moment you deal with the bounty. Getting inside the Bloodsoaked Fort is quite easy because all you have to do is fast-travel to the Factory Entrance Explorer Flag and then interact with the poster you see in my screenshot below.

Outriders Wanted Bloody Baron Location

This poster triggers the Outriders Wanted – Bloody Barron quest. Make sure you track the said quest, then look for the broken bridge behind the poster. Jump over the gap, and that’s it. You are inside the Bloodsoaked Fort.

When you enter the fort, you should be very careful because there are a lot of enemies waiting for you. The good thing is that you’ll be up on a hill, thus having the advantage of the high ground. Try to maintain that position and deal with all targets, then eliminate the Bloody Baron boss. Now, before exiting the fort, get the three chests below.

Loot Chest #1

Just below your starting position is a small cave, similar to a tunnel. The first chest is inside. As you can see in my image below, the cave, or mine tunnel if you want, oversees the fort.

Outriders Bloodsoaked Fort Loot Chests Locations

Loot Chest #2

From your current location, cross the fort all the way to the other side, hugging the left side. The next Bloodsoaked Fort Loot Chest is found in a trench (pictured below). This one is quite easy to miss if you rush through this area.

Outriders Bloodsoaked Fort Chests Locations

Loot Chest #3

Finally, we have the third and final Outriders Bloodsoaked Fort Chest, which is also pretty tricky. From the previous one, you’ll have to move forward toward the wooden structure. Basically, this structure is also on the other side of the camp but opposed to the second chest.

Go around it, and you should be able to see a lot of corpses and a wooden ramp. Keep following the ramp, and you’ll see the chest below in front of a metal door.

Outriders Wreckage Zone Bloodsoaked Fort Chests Locations

Get this one, then exit the area and return to Ujio in Trench Town to claim your rewards for dealing with the Bloody Barron.

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