Outriders Shattered Front: All Loot Chests Locations Guide

by Vlad
March 5, 2021

Outriders Shattered Front features two additional Chests that provide Gear, Scraps, and Crafting Materials in the video game developed by People Can Fly; hence, below, we’ll discuss the Loot Chests in this specific area.

Similar to those in River Basin, the Shattered Front Outriders Loot Chests are not hard to find, but in case you need help, I’ll tell you how to get them.

Before we start, as usual, you should know; that this area is unlocked by talking to Shira in your Rift Town Camp.

Once you do that, you’ll start the Terra Infirma side-quest, so fast travel to the Crossroads Explorer Flag, then follow the marker.

Outriders Shattered Front Chests Locations

The entrance to the Shattered Front area is over a broken bridge close to the Crossroads Flag.

Simply approach the bridge, then press the corresponding button to jump over.

Loot Chest #1

The first Outriders Shattered Front Loot Chest is almost impossible to miss.

All you have to do is to clear the first section and get rid of all enemies.

Then, your objective states that, once again, you’ll need to clear a path.

Head towards the marker, and nearby you’ll see an ammo cache. Next to it is the chest you have to loot.

In my image below, you can see both the ammo cache and the Loot Chest.

Outriders Shattered Front Loot Chests Locations
The first chest sits next to the ammo cache

Loot Chest #2

For the second Outriders Loot Chest in Shattered Front, you’ll have to deal with our beloved Captain. You may remember this guy from the Legendary Gear Farming Guide.

So, basically, you’ll need to kill him, then clear the second section, and finally reach the end area where you’ll complete the Terra Infirma side quest.

The chest (as you can see below) is sitting on the roof of a ruined house next to the exit point. There is also a Sniper on this roof.

Outriders Shattered Front Chests Locations
The second chest sits on a roof next to the exit point

And that’s it! Now you know where to find all Outriders Shattered Front Chests, so now let’s focus on those in the Outskirts area of the First City.

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