Horizon Forbidden West A Bigger Boom Fanghorn Rib Location: Where To Find

Vlad Susanu Written by Vlad Susanu
February 20, 2022

Horizon Forbidden West Fanghorn Rib is the second quest item you’ll need to complete A Bigger Boom side-quest you receive from Boomer and Delah in Chainscrape.

The HZFW Fanghorn Rib, unlike the Charger Horns (also required for the said quest), is a bit easier to find but harder to get, especially early in the game.

Therefore, assuming you need help with the Horizon 2 Forbidden West Fanghorn Rib, we’ll go over this crafting material and how to get it throughout the guide below.

HZFW A Bigger Boom Side Quest – How To Start

In the video game developed by Guerrilla Games, A Bigger Boom is a simple fetch quest that becomes available upon completing the third story quest named To The Brink.

The quest givers are Delah and Boomer, and they can be found in Chairnscape at the location I have marked on my map.

horizon forbidden west a bigger boom quest guide - GameClubz

Once you get to the said location, you’ll see the two Oseram tinkers behind their workbench discussing the new weapons they are working on.

Approach the two female NPCs to start the quest.

horizon forbidden west a bigger boom quest walkthrough - GameClubz

While talking to them, they’ll offer to develop a new weapon for Aloy, provided you can find the required parts:

Since we already covered the 3 Charger Horns and how to get them, let’s see how to get the Fanghorn Rib.

Fanghorn Rib – How To Get

After activating the side-quest open your map and notice the eastern area marked below.

Horizon Forbidden West Fanghorn Rib Location

Travel to the location you see on my map, then try to remain hidden because, unlike the Chargers, the Fanghorn attacks on sight.

You can see the machine you have to deal with below.

Horizon Forbidden West Fanghorn Rib How To Get

You should know that it’s very weak to Frost Damage, so try to use Frost Hunter Arrows when engaging.

Furthermore, you don’t have to aim for specific points to detach the Fanghorn Rib, so all you need to do is to kill the machine.

It is also worth mentioning that there is a Scrounger roaming nearby, so you’ll want to deal with it as well, preferably before the Longhorn.

Last but not least, if you manage to remain undetected, you can consider a hidden strike attack that will deal more damage than an arrow.

Once you kill the Fanghorn, collect the Rib (pictured below).

HZFW Fanghorn Rib Where To Find

The drop rate for this material is 100%, meaning that you only have to kill one Fanghorn.

After you collect the part (assuming you already got the Charger Horns), head back to Boomer and Delah to finish A Bigger Boom side quest and collect your rewards (Prototype Spike Thrower, 5 Explosive Spikes, 1170 XP, and 1 Skill Point).

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