Horizon Forbidden West Promontory Black Box Location: How To Get

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February 27, 2022

Horizon Forbidden West Promontory Black Box is one of the Black Box collectibles found in the second area, or region Aloy gets to explore while traveling west.

The HZFW Promontory Black Box is also one of the 12 Block Boxes featured in the video game published by Sony Interactive Entertainment, and it is mandatory to find it to retrieve the Wings of the Ten Legendary Blastslings explained below.

Therefore, assuming you don’t know how to reach the Black Box, throughout the guide below, I’ll explain how to open the plane’s door to get this collectible.

Horizon Forbidden West Black Box Promontory Location – Where To Find

As you can see on my map, the Promontory Black Box is northeast of Plainsong Settlement.

Horizon Forbidden West Promontory Black Box Location

Specifically, this collectible is inside another plain wreck located in a clearing.

There are a lot of machines here, so you can either sneak around or deal with them.

It is also essential to know that the Promontory Black Box requires the Vine Cutter, or as explained in this guide, the Special Tool that allows Alloy to remove Metal Flowers.

After you get this tool, return to the location of the Black Box in question.

Promontory Black Box – How To Get

Upon reaching the location above, place Aloy in front of the door that leads inside the plane wreck.

You’ll notice that it’s locked, but there is an Energy Cell terminal nearby, which means that to open the door, you have to find the battery that powers up the door.

The Energy Cell is northeast of your current location, next to a large rock. Or right side while facing the locked door.

In the screenshot below, you can see both the locked door and the location of the Energy Cell.

Horizon Forbidden West Black Box Promontory Where To Find

After finding the Energy Cell, carry it back to the locked door and place it inside the station to power up the door.

Now open the plane’s door, and you’ll see a Metal Flower, which requires the Vine Cutter.

If you have the Special Tool, hit the Metal Flower several times to make it bloom, then approach it and install the Vine Cutter Module on it by pressing the R1 button on your PlayStation controller.

You should see the vines retreating, clearing the path towards the Black Box collectible below.

Horizon Forbidden West Black Box Promontory How To Get

Now that you got the collectible, let’s see how to use it.

Black Boxes Trading – How To Use The Recordings

You can trade the Promontory Black Box Recording when you reach The Memorial Grove Settlement, but after finding Untalla, the Black Box Collector.

Below you can see Untalla’s location.

Horizon Forbidden West Black Boxes Trade Reward

For every Black Box you trade with Untalla (there is a total of 12), you’ll receive a Crafting Material; however, after you bring all 12 Black Boxes, Untalla gives you the Wings of the Ten Legendary Blastslings, one of the best weapons in the game.

Horizon Forbidden West Black Boxes How To Use

This means that if you’re looking for this legendary weapon, you are not allowed to miss any of the Horizon Forbidden West Black Boxes.

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