Horizon Forbidden West Death’s Door Latopolis Facility North Side Locked Terminal Code Location: How To Open

by Vlad
February 21, 2022

Horizon Forbidden West Latopolis Locked Terminal Code is required while playing the Death’s Door main quest in the latest video game release by Guerrilla Games.

Specifically, you’ll need it while you explore the North Side of the Facility because, eventually, you’ll reach a Locked Door you have to open.

Without knowing where to find the code, you won’t be able to progress through Latopolis and complete the HZFW Death’s Door quest.

So if you wonder where to find or what is the Horizon 2 Forbidden West Death’s Door Locked Terminal Code, below, I’ll tell you everything you need to know about it.

HZFW Death’s Door Latopolis Locked Terminal Location – Where To Find

Without spoiling the game for you, the Horizon Forbidden West Locked Death’s Door Terminal is found halfway inside Latopolis or the Facility you get to explore during the mission.

It is a large complex of buildings you’ll get to scout and plays a vital role in Aloy’s story.

As you progress through the quest, following the objectives, eventually, you’ll reach a Firegleam in the flooded area.

As you can see below, it’s on a balcony, and you won’t be able to progress without using your newly acquired Igniter on it.

Latopolis Horizon Forbidden West Death's Door Locked Terminal Code Location

To get to the said Firegleam while standing on the pillar in my image, you have to glide to the balcony.

Now, your next objective is to remove the Firegleam, and in the room behind it, you’ll find the Locked Terminal.

Death’s Door Code Location – How To Get

If you want to skip the search phase and unlock the Latopolis Locked Terminal without too much effort, then you should know that the Locked Door Code is 7482.

However, it is recommended that you find it yourself because you’ll also get one of the two Datapoints inside the room behind the Firegleam.

As such, the moment you destroy the Firegleam, get inside the room, then turn right.

In the next room, you’ll see a chest you can loot, and if you use Aloy’s Focus, a Datapoint on the left side while facing the crate.

You can see it in my screenshot below.

Horizon Forbidden West Death's Door Facility Locked Door Code

Now, scan the Datapoint (press the right thumbstick), then open it to see a message named Bad Urges.

Read it carefully because it contains the Code for the Locked Terminal on the North Side of the Facility.

Horizon Forbidden West Death's Door Latopolis Locked Terminal Code

After you find the code, retrace your steps to the previous room, loot the crate on the right side, and scan the second Datapoint nearby.

Death’s Door Quest – How To Unlock The Door

Finally, approach the terminal and interact with it.

Use the right thumbstick to select the displays’ digits, then press X to confirm each number.

Obviously, you have to use the code 7482 you found earlier. The result should look like this.

Horizon Forbidden West Death's Door How To Unlock Terminal

The Death’s Door quest continues once you open the Horizon Forbidden West Locked Door in Latopolis.

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