Horizon Forbidden West Fast Travel Packs: How To Craft

by Vlad
February 24, 2022

Are you wondering how the Horizon Forbidden West Fast Travel Packs Crafting works, or how to Craft a Fast Travel Pack in the latest video game published by Sony Interactive Entertainment?

If so, then you should know that several things have changed since the last Horizon game, including the Fast Travel Packs Crafting method, which has become more accessible.

However, the option to craft Fast Travel Packs in Horizon Forbidden West, while accessible, can be a bit confusing for new players.

No worries, though, because we’ll quickly go over this option throughout the guide below, and I’ll tell you everything you need to know about it.

Horizon Forbidden West Hunter’s Kit Location – Where To Find

If you have played the prequel to Horizon Forbidden West, you may remember that crafting a Fast Travel Pack was possible via Aloy’s inventory, simply by selecting the said item and by pressing the Craft button.

In HZFW, this is no longer possible, and if you check Aloy’s inventory and then the Tools tab, you can notice that all tools can be crafted using Aloy’s Hunter’s Kit.

Horizon Forbidden West Fast Travel Pack Crafting Guide

So, the first question is where to find the Hunter’s Kit in Horizon Forbidden West.

Well, the purpose of the Horizon Forbidden West Hunter Kit is to allow Aloy to craft all the tools she needs while exploring the world, so obviously, she carries the kit with her all the time.

By accessing the Hunter’s Kit, you will be able to craft Fast Travel Packs, potions, and traps without traveling to a Work Bench.

Sadly, how to access Aloy’s Hunter Kit is poorly explained in the game. To use it, though, is relatively easy because all you need to do is press and hold the Down button on your DPad.

Horizon Forbidden West Hunter's Kit Location

Once you do this, you’ll see Aloy kneeling (image above), and now you’ll have access to her Hunter’s Kit.

Fast Travel Packs Crafting – How To Fast-Craft

As you can see in my image above, while working with Aloy’s Hunter Kit, you can change the quick menu as you want, meaning that you can switch between the potions in your quick action bar and customize it as you want

Additionally, the Hunter Kit is, as said, used to craft most tools, but since you’ll need a lot of Fast Travel Packs, it is worth knowing how to craft multiple units.

Hold down X (Craft Button) to do this, and you’ll see Aloy’s crafting speed increasing with each item.

The longer you hold X, the faster she’ll craft a specific tool.

Horizon Forbidden West Fast Travel Packs How To Craft

Obviously, you’ll need 3 Wild Meat and 10 Ridge-Wood for each Fast Travel Pack you craft, but since you’ll be gathering many resources during your journey, it is worth knowing how to use them properly.

Not to mention that you’ll never end up in the wilderness without having a Fast Travel Pack to get you back to the desired location.

Therefore, make sure you learn how to use the Horizon Forbidden West Hunter’s Kit and how to access it the moment you start your journey as Aloy.

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  1. The correct way to access your hunter’s kit is to press L1 then x for arrows, down by itself is for potions and traps.

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