Horizon Forbidden West Seeds Of The Past Search Test Station Elm: How To Complete

by Vlad
February 25, 2022

Horizon Forbidden West Search Test Station Elm is an objective you need to complete while playing the Seeds Of The Past main quest in the latest video game developed by Guerrilla Games and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment.

By searching Test Station Elm and completing the Seeds Of The Past quest, you’ll be able to retrieve Demeter and unlock the Vine Cutter Tool for Aloy.

However, the HZFW Test Station Elm comes with a small puzzle Aloy must solve alongside Alva.

Basically, they have to work together to cross Test Station Elm.

So if you wonder how to solve the Horizon Forbidden West Test Station Elm room puzzle or how to search Test Station Elm, throughout the guide below, I’ll tell you what you have to do without spoiling the quest.

Horizon Forbidden West Test Station Elm Room Puzzle – How To Help Alva

The HZFW Test Station Elm puzzle starts when Alva and Aloy enter the test station via the ventilation shaft.

When this happens, you’ll be on the second floor, and your goal is to help Alva reach a console.

To make the guide as accessible as possible, I have outlined the steps you need to follow and how to get all loot in this chamber.

The moment you enter the test station, on the balcony on the other side of the second floor, you’ll see a purple chest.

Shoot the ladder on the left side, climb it, and loot the chest.

Head back to the second floor and from here, descend to the ground.

Now, look around, and you’ll see a large locked door and some tracks on the ground.

The next thing you’ll want to do is follow the tracks and go to the other side of the room (as opposed to the locked door that requires a key module).

On the walls, you should see some battery storage racks.

Pull the last one (pictured), then go behind it to find the Test Station Elm Key Module or the Maintenance Bypass Key.

Horizon Forbidden West Test Station Elm Search

Great, now head back to the locked Test Station Elm terminal and use the Key Module to unlock it.

Horizon Forbidden West Test Station Elm Key Module

Next, you’ll want to cross the room and reach the corner that is on the opposite side.

Here you’ll see a ventilation shaft you can open using the Pullcaster.

Horizon Forbidden West Test Station Elm Locked Terminal Door Key

Get inside the ventilation shaft, then ignite the Firegleam in the other room.

Now you’ll see a hole in the wall and an Energy Cell Power Station.

What you want to do next is head back to the large locked door where you found the terminal and grab the large storage unit.

Horizon Forbidden West Test Station Elm Room Puzzle

The idea here is to pull the storage unit to the other side of the room, but Alva must be on it. Since she’s on the second floor, make a stop next to her location (close to the yellow ladder), so she can jump on the storage unit.

Now, while Alva is on top of the unit, pull it to the other side of the room, so she can enter the room where the consoles are found.

If done right, you’ll hear her telling you that she unlocked another Battery Storage Rack.

You can see it below, and if you move it, you’ll find an Energy Cell behind it.

Horizon Forbidden West Test Station Elm Guide

Before picking it up, though, consider checking all Battery Racks in the room and searching the areas behind them for additional loot.

Now, pick the Energy Cell, and take it to the room where you found the Firegleam through the hole in the wall.

Horizon Forbidden West Seeds Of The Past Control Room Door Power Restore

By placing the Energy Cell into the station, you’ll restore power to the control room door. Or the locked door that’s on the second floor.

So, use the ladder to get to the said door, and the Horizon Forbidden West Seeds Of The Past Test Station Elm search is complete.

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