Horizon Forbidden West Shadow In The West Vezreh’s Chamber: How To Investigate

by Vlad
February 21, 2022

Horizon Forbidden West Vezreh’s Chamber is a critical location you’ll have to investigate at the end of the Shadow In The West side-quest in the latest game published by Sony Interactive Entertainment.

Horizon 2 Forbidden West Vezreh’s Chamber investigation requires you to find several clues or Datapoints you have to scan, but it also comes with a hidden chamber you may need help finding.

Therefore, if you want to know how to investigate Vezreh’s Chamber in HZFW, throughout the following guide, we’ll approach this objective and how to complete it.

Horizon Forbidden West Vezreh’s Chamber – Where To Find

Vezreh’s Chamber is in Shadow’s Reach, which acts as a small Stronghold you’ll need to clear while playing Shadow In The West.

My map below shows that it’s on the western side of the second region.

Horizon Forbidden West Shadow In The West Vezreh Chamber

Without spoiling the story or the quest, the actual Chamber is reached after you meet Vezreh.

Once you do that, the game automatically closes the area where you meet him, and after a cutscene, Aloy wakes up in his Chamber.

Now, your new objective is to investigate Vezreh’s Chamber.

Shadow In The West Vezreh’s Chamber Investigation – How To Complete

Vezreh’s Chamber investigation involves a series of Datapoints that Aloy can scan with her Focus.

Specifically, there are 3 of them, and you can scan them in any order you want.

The moment you reach Vezreh’s Chamber, instead of heading outside, turn around and follow the tunnel.

Head left around the corner, keep moving forward and turn left again to get to a small room.

Here, first, you’ll have to scan the Datapoint that’s close to the bed (pictured below).

Horizon Forbidden West Shadow In The West Investigate Vezreh's Chamber

Now, you’ll want to use the Pullcaster to remove the grate on the ventilation shaft (also pictured above).

Crouch and head inside the ventilation tunnel, then remove the grate on the other side, and you’ll reach a hidden room.

Here, make sure you scan the second Data Point (marked below). You should see it on what seems to be a desk.

Horizon Forbidden West Investigate Vezreh's Chamber

Now from your current location, retrace your steps back to the previous room (via the ventilation shaft), then back to the area where you started.

Before heading outside, there is one last Datapoint you have to scan.

As you can see, it’s on the right side while facing the exit.

Horizon Forbidden West How To Investigate Vezreh's Chamber

Scan it, and then you’ll activate a hologram. Once the recording ends, you’ll have to talk to Yef, and the Forbidden West Shadow In The West quest ends.

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