Horizon Forbidden West The Oldgrowth Utaru Hunters Seed Pouches Locations: Where To Find

by Vlad
February 25, 2022

Horizon Forbidden West Utaru Hunters Seed Pouches are quest items you’ll have to find and recover as part of The Oldgrowth errand quest featured in the latest video game published by Sony Interactive Entertainment.

The Horizon 2 Forbidden West Oldgrowth Utaru Hunters Seed Pouches require a bit of investigation on your part, and they are scattered around a specific area you’ll have to explore.

They are similar to the Riverwatch War Chest we already covered, but they are well protected by machines.

Utaru Hunters Seed Pouches are mandatory for completing The Oldgrowth quest, so below, we’ll discuss their locations or where to find them.

Horizon Forbidden West Oldgrowth Errand Quest – How To Start

Horizon Forbidden West The Oldgrowth errand quest starts in Plainsong, as you can see on my map below; however, it is worth mentioning that the quest-giver at this location appears after you complete The Second Verse side quest.

Horizon Forbidden West Oldgrowth Quest Guide

Once the icon appears on your map, head to the upper section of the western building in Plainsong and locate Shael and Yull.

Again you can see the two NPCs in my screenshot below.

Horizon Forbidden West Oldgrowth Quest Walkthrough

When you talk to Shael, you’ll learn that a hunting party was sent to Oldgrowth to search for food, but only one member survived. Or that’s what Shael thinks.

Your objective is to find the Seed Pouches of those defeated by the machines.

Before heading out, you can talk to the survivor in Plainsong below your current location.

His name is Ven, and he’s in the room located directly beneath the balcony where you meet Shael.

Utaru Hunters Seed Pouches – How To Recover

Once you are done talking to Ven, head to Overgrowth, northeast of Plainsong.

Horizon Forbidden West Oldgrowth Utaru Hunters Seed Pouches Locations

Here you’ll want to deal with the machines first, then start your search on the southern side of the area marked on your map.

After you clear the area, you’ll find the first Utaru Hunter Seed Pouch next to a corpse on a small hill by the road.

Use Aloy’s Focus to identify the victim in my screenshot.

Horizon Forbidden West Oldgrowth Utaru Hunters Seed Pouches Recover How To

After getting the first pouch, activate Aloy’s Focus and scan the area for purple tracks.

Make sure you highlight the track and then head northeast towards the small hill in the distance.

Head up the nearby hill, then turn east down the road to find the second Seed Pouch.

Horizon Forbidden West Utaru Hunters Seed Pouches Locations

After investigating the next victim (pictured above), follow the tracks using Aloy’s Focus.

They’ll take you south, then east. Several steps away from a bridge, you’ll find the third Utaru Seed Pouch (pictured).

Horizon Forbidden West Utaru Seed Pouches Locations

Once you get the third pouch, the current objective changes; however, The Oldgrowth quest continues, and you’ll have to do more tracking.

Using Aloy’s focus, keep investigating the tracks and the clues east, and they’ll lead you to the fourth hunter, where you’ll find what happened to the Utaru hunting party.

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