Dying Light 2 Stay Human All In The Family: Where To Find Theodore In The Dark Hollow

by Vlad
February 8, 2022

Dying Light 2 All In The Family is a side-quest you can complete by finding Theodore on the ground floor of a Dark Hollow area.

Dying Light 2 Stay Human All In The Family is a very accessible quest, provided you know how to approach the Dark Hollow, which unlike the one from The Key To Humanity side-quest, is a toxic one.

This means you’ll have to move as fast as possible and find Theodore; otherwise, Aiden won’t survive.

So, let’s see how to search the ground floor of the Dark Hollow for Theodore and how to complete the DL2 All In The Family side-quest.

Dying Light 2 All In The Family Quest – How To Start

In the latest Dying Light video game developed by Techland, All In The Family is an early quest, and the only requirement for it to become available is to finish the Markers of Plague main quest.

Since the latter is a story mission, simply look for a new icon east of Bazaar once you finish it.

You can see it on my map below, in Trinity District.

Dying Light 2 All In The Family Walkthrough

Upon arriving at the location marked on my map, you’ll find two NPCs arguing: Monika and Will.

Make sure you talk to them and listen to their story.

Dying Light 2 All In The Family Guide

Upon talking to the two brothers, you’ll find out that Monika has a boyfriend who happens to be a brute. Will, her brother, hated this relationship, so he sent Theodore to a Dark Hollow area.

Now that Monika found out about this, she wants Will to extract Theodore. On top of this, Monika is pregnant with Theodore.

Your goal is to find the future father and save him from the Dark Hollow.

All In The Family Dark Hollow Theodore Location – Where To Find

Once the dialogue ends, make sure you accept the quest, then press and hold the down button on your Dpad to fast-forward the time.

This quest is best played at night when the infected are outside, on the streets.

Now, open your map and look for the Dark Hollow you have to explore.

As you can see below, it’s just west of Willow Windmill.

Dying Light 2 Stay Human All In The Family Walkthrough

When you arrive at the location on the map, head inside through the entrance on the ground.

You can see it in my screenshot, and you’ll want to do this because, as mentioned, this Dark Hollow is toxic, which means that Aiden’s Immunity will drop fast.

Dying Light 2 All In The Family Dark Hollow Theodore Location

Luckily, there is a UV lamp that allows you to restore Aiden’s Immunity on the ground floor.

So, when you reach the entrance, make sure you look down to spot a small hole on the right side.

Crouch and get inside the Dark Hollow.

You have two options upon reaching the UV lamp (purple light area). You can start moping up all the loot room by room until you find Theodore.

Or you can head straight to Theodore’s location.

If you pick the first option, start exploring the building, get everything inside, returning to the UV light whenever Aiden’s Immunity reaches a critical level.

If you want to find Theodore only, then from the UV lamp, crouch and go through the hole at the bottom of the stairs (pictured below).

Dying Light 2 All In The Family Theodore Location

In the next area, crouch and go through the door that is partially blocked by planks, and you’ll reach the kitchen.

Here, turn right, and you’ll see a metal door near the fridge (also pictured).

Dying Light 2 Stay Human All In The Family Theodore Location

Open the door, and you’ll find Theodore.

During Aiden’s dialogue with him, you’ll get to tell him about his future son and even get to name him.

The name you chose for Theodore’s son is not essential in the events that follow, nor will it change the rewards you get.

Now that you manage to find Theodore, the Dying Light 2 All In The Family quest ends, so feel free to explore the house as you wish.

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