Dying Light 2 Stay Human Quarry End House Safe Code: How To Unlock

by Vlad
February 8, 2022

Dying Light 2  Quarry End House Safe Code is required to open an easy-to-miss Safe found on the southern side of Quarry End District.

The Dying Light 2 Stay Human Quarry End House Safe Code also counts as a collectible, and it includes a riddle very similar to the one you have to solve to open the Bazaar Tower Safe.

Upon opening the Safe Box in the Quarry End house, you’ll also find an unusual Red Duck.

So, here is how to unlock the safe and find the DL2 Quarry End House Safe Code.

DL2 Quarry End House Safe Location – Where To Find

In Techland’s latest Dying Light video game, this Safe is easy to miss because it’s not related to any of the quests available.

So, unless you explore every house in the District, or you are fortunate, it’s pretty hard to find.

To make the whole guide as helpful as possible, here is the location of the house where the Safe is found.

Dying Light 2 Quarry End House Safe Location

As you can notice, this house is just across the street from the Glass House we found earlier while playing the Rose Garden side-quest.

So if you found the old lady and delivered Peter’s rose, then you already know where to look for this specific house.

Using the location on my map above, head to the house in question and look for a balcony you can easily climb.

You can see it in the following image, and it leads to a bedroom.

Dying Light 2 Stay Human Quarry End House Safe Location

Once inside the room, turn right, and you’ll spot the Quarry End Safe on a small cabinet near the balcony.

DL2 Quarry End House Safe Location

Obviously, the next goal is to open it.

Quarry End House Safe Code – How To Open

If you want to know the Dying Light 2 Quarry End Safe Code without finding it, the answer is 22-67-66; however, as you may remember from all Safe Codes covered so far, if you don’t find the clue, you’ll miss a collectible.

Therefore, it’s better to find the clue first, especially since it’s nearby.

Simply turn around and check the basket by the bed to see it.

Dying Light 2 Quarry End House Safe Code Location

Inside you’ll find a Safe Code collectible (envelope) you can pick.

Get it, then open your inventory, go to Collectable, then Mementos and scroll over the Safe Code envelope to see the following equation – (1000/10)+(3333*2)+220000.

Even if your math is not perfect, you can quickly solve this following the order of operations.

  • 1000/10 = 100
  • 3333*2 = 6666
  • 100 + 6666 + 220000 = 226,766

So the code you are looking for is 22-67-66.

Now head back to the Safe and enter the code you found. Remember to use the left thumbstick to turn the wheel until you see the correct digit in the field at the bottom.

After each digit, press Enter Code to move to the next field. Here is what your safe puzzle should look like.

Dying Light 2 Quarry End House Safe How To Open

Once you open the Dying Light 2 Quarry End House Safe, pick all items inside, and you’re done.

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