Dying Light 2 Stay Human To Kill Or Not To Kill: Where To Find Fitz’s Missing Team

August 2, 2022

Dying Light 2 Stay Human To Kill or Not to Kill is a side quest featured in the open world video game released by Techland which will test your communication and fighting skills.

Dying Light 2 To Kill or Not to Kill side quest is available only if you have completed the main quest, A Place To Call Home, and have not yet activated the Metro: Newalls Crossing.

To Kill or Not to Kill side quest allows you to choose which answer you prefer to use along the way. In the following guide, I will share with you all the outcomes according to your choices.

Let’s see where to find Fitz’s missing team!

Where To Start Dying Light 2 Stay Human To Kill Or Not To Kill

To start the To Kill or Not to Kill side quest featured in DL2, you’ll have to go to the New Dawn Park District and meet Paul, the quest giver, who is sitting next to the bar at the Fish Eye Canteen (pictured below).

DL 2 To Kill Or Not To Kill Location

You’ll soon discover that Paul is the leader of a scavenger team, along with a woman named Daisy and her son, Fitz.

He is threatened by a group of bandits, led by Avery and Francis, who wants to control his territory. 

Next, you’ll discover that Fitz and his team met with the bandits and negotiated with them, but they have not returned yet.

Paul will ask you to help find Fitz and his team. After you accept the mission, he will inform you that the scavenger team went to the Incubate Building near Goldstone Loans.

Where To Find Paul’s Team In To Kill Or Not To Kill

The building you need to go to is 200 meters west of Paul. To get inside the building, climb the broken bridge and jump on the wooden board hanging from the crane (pictured below).

DL2 Stay Human To Kill Or Not To Kill

Inside, scan the area for clues using your survivor sense; and you’ll notice some red footprints that lead to a door. Once you open the door, you’ll meet Daisy, one of the team’s leaders.

She will inform you that Fitz took the team to Laribee Building on Milton Court, where they were supposed to meet with Francis. She will also tell you the location of Francis’ camp.

Next, you’ll have to go north from your current location to reach the Laribee Building in Downtown District.

Once you are at the location, reach an upper level by jumping on the trampoline, then turn to your right, climb up, turn around and swing to the metal bars to enter the Laribee Building.

Use your survivor sense again and investigate the body of one of the team members, as shown in the picture below. Be careful because there is an enemy at this location.

Dying Light 2 Stay Human To Kill Or Not- To Kill

By Interacting with the body, you’ll unlock a Collectible – Memento #75: Avery’s Map.

Where To Find Francis’s Camp For To Kill Or Not To Kill

From this point, you’ll need to go to Francis’s camp, 170m northeast of your current location. His camp is in the Showrom building on the Downtown District’s eastern side. 

The easiest way to enter Francis’s camp is using the paraglider. You’ll have to use the external elevator on the eastern side of the building located north of the Showroom building (screenshot below). 

Dying Light 2 To Kill Or Not To Kill

Once you reach the top, head right and paraglide to the upper levels of the Showroom building; inside, walk to the end of the office, turn to your right, and walk straight until you are outside on the ledge.

On your right, you’ll notice a yellow pipe. Climb the top, jump to your left, and climb the ladder. One of the bandits will attack you once you enter the room to your right. There are two bandits to eliminate and once the area is clear, go to the upper floor using the stairs on your left.

More enemies will come towards you. Take them out and go towards Francis to question him.

He will put his weapon down and ask you to listen to him. He will inform you that Fitz and his men have partnered with him to confront his crazy brother Avery. He also mentions that the enemies eliminated by you were his last men, and they attacked you because they thought you were one of Avery’s men. 

At the end of the dialogue with Francis, you’ll have to choose from two options:

  • I don’t believe you – Francis will keep explaining why it wasn’t his fault and waste your time.
  • If he’s dead, you’re next – You’ll have to find Fitz.

Where To Find Fitz In Avery’s Camp

Avery’s camp is also in the Downtown District, just 100 meters east of your current location. The easiest way to reach it is to use your paraglider again.

You must clear the Downtown Thugs Bandit Camp to reach Avery’s camp, located near the Downtown Thugs Bandit Safe.

From this location, you’ll see Avery’s camp in front of you (picture below). 

DL2 To Kill Or Not To Kill Team Location

Once inside, open the double doors on your right, and you’ll see Avery talking to one of his guards about the fact that he figured out that Fitz and his team were sent by his brother to kill him. 

You’ll find Fitz lying on the floor, tortured to death. 

At this point, you’ll have to make three choices, and you will receive different rewards depending on your preferences.

Kill Avery And Francis

After killing them, search Fitz’s body, and you will find the Eye of Horus necklace that his mother mentioned. 

From here, head back to Francis’s camp and talk to him. With no one in charge, he will take command of Avery’s men and want to take over the territory, thus starting a fight with you. 

You’ll have to kill him and the two other men he is with. 

After that, head back to Paul and tell him what just happened. The mission is over, and you’ll receive:

  • 2,250x Combat XP, 750x Parkour XP, and 1000x Money

Make A Deal With Avery And Kill Francis

Returning to Francis, he will be shocked that you have returned, assuming you have made a deal with his crazy brother to kill him. He will offer you some goods in exchange for his life.  

Choose I Fight Him and kill him and his men. Afterward, head back to Paul and let him know Avery is still alive and reclaim their territory. The mission is over, and you will receive: 

  • 2,250x Combat XP, 750x Parkour XP, and 250x Money

Accept Avery’s Offer And Let Francis Live

When you arrive to negotiate with Francis after closing the deal with Avery, choose Go. Now. He will send you to find the stash that he promised.

This is how you finish the To Kill or Not to Kill side quest in Dying Light 2 Stay Human. If you have any questions feel free to ask them in our comments section below.

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