Dying Light 2 Stay Human Satellite Dream: How To Activate Manfred’s Device

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July 26, 2022

 Dying Light 2 Stay Human Manfred’s Device is an item you’ll need to activate in the Satellite Dream side quest in the video game released by Techland.

Similar to Charlotte’s letters, once you complete the quest, you will be able to level up Aiden’s combat and agility because you’ll receive:

  • 1500 combat XP points
  • 1000 agility XP points

Dying Light 2 Satellite Dream side quest is challenging because you’ll have to use your agility skills and modified weapons to eliminate the boss-level enemy.

Dying Light 2 Satellite Dream Quest – How To Start

In DL2, the Satellite Dream side quest can be triggered in the northwestern area of Lower Dam Ayre District near the border to  Muddy Grounds District – to the north and Garrison District – to the west (pictured below).

DL2 Stay Human Satellite Dream

Once you have completed the Main Quests, The Lost Light, and Cathedral, you’ll find Manfred, the quest giver, on the rooftop of a building located southwest of the Military Airdrop THB-V3P.

Manfred is a scientist who managed to contact one of China’s satellites that is still in orbit, using a device he developed to boost the range of the radio tower’s receiver.

This way, he was able to send a message, and lucky for him, someone answered, but the communication was blurred.

Meanwhile, the joy of contacting other survivors for mutual help from Asia was cut short because he was attacked by the infected.

Therefore, Manfred needs your help to clear the area near the radio tower so he can resume communication.

Satellite Dream Manfred’s Device Location – Where To Find

After talking to Manfred and realizing how important the device is for him, you’ll gather all the information necessary to activate the radio tower in the DL2 Stay Human Satellite Dream side quest.

Following Manfred’s clues, you’ll first have to reach the Lower Dam promenade. To do this, you’ll need to turn to your left from your current location and climb to the next building using a ladder.

Walk a few steps ahead, then turn to your left, where you can see the two buildings connected by an overhead walkway you will need to cross, as shown in the screenshot below.

DL2 Satellite Dream

Once inside the building, you’ll need to walk straight ahead and then enter the next room through the door on your left. You’ll need to reach an upper-level room by climbing to an opening you’ll notice on your right side.

Next, you’ll have to enter a disabled elevator on your left.

Inside the elevator is an opening in the ceiling that you’ll need to climb to reach the upper level.

Then, turn around and walk forward until you reach the edge of the building. From here, head left, following the arched catwalk outside the building until you make your way up to the rooftop.

Dying Light 2 Satellite Dream

Be aware because, on the rooftop, you’ll have to clear the enemies, including a boss-level enemy, while ensuring you’ll not fall from the building.

Satellite Dream – How To Activate The Device

After the rooftop area is clear, Manfred will ask you to turn on the switch at the bottom of the radio tower shown in the picture below.

DL2 Satellite Dream Radio Tower Device

The next step in the Satellite Dream side quest is to climb to the first level of the radio tower, where you will drop down the ladder to ensure that Manfred gets to his device (picture below).

Dying Light 2 Stay human Satellite Dream

Next, you’ll activate Manfred’s device attached to the radio tower, and you will start contacting the other settlements in Asia again.

Meanwhile, Manfried will join you at the radio tower, and you will begin to hear indecipherable words.

Manfred’s high expectation of making history will soon have to wait. Trying to contact other settlements, it seems he hacked their telecommunication system by mistake and got an answer from Jack Matt, the PK commander.

Luckily, the PK commander will be impressed by the device Manfred created and offer a spot on his team.

At the end of the Dying Light 2 Stay Human Satellite Dream side quest, Manfred will inform you that there is a crate for you to loot at the base of the antenna. Inside you’ll find a military med kit and an immunity buster.

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