Dying Light 2 Stay Human Military Airdrop THB-04B: How To Get

by Vlad
February 7, 2022

Dying Light 2 Military Airdrop THB-04B is found in Houndfield District. It is the third and final Military Airdrop Activity you can complete in the northern section of the map, assuming you have already secured Airdrop THB-17U and Airdrop THB-22B.

Dying Light 2 Stay Human Military Airdrop THB-04B also counts as one of the 26 Airdrops, but it is a bit trickier to get, unlike the two mentioned above.

What makes the DL2 Military Airdrop THB-04B so different is the fact that it requires more Stamina, so consider approaching this Activity only after you increase your Stamina to at least 200.

Following the same logic as the previous Airdrops in Techland’s latest release, the THB-04B Military Airdrop Activity is completed once you open the crate on top of Saint Joseph Hospital. By doing so, you’ll receive:

  • 2500 Parkour Points
  • 1 Military Tech
  • 1 Inhibitor
  • Various random loot and gear

So, let’s see how to get the said crate and the path you should consider.

DL2 Military Airdrop THB-04B Location – Where To Find

As you can notice on my map below, Dying Light 2 THB-04B Military Airdrop is found in the northeastern corner of Houndfield, northwest of Alder Windmill.

That’s where you’ll find the Saint Joseph Hospital.

Dying Light 2 Military Airdrop THB-04B Location

Furthermore, on the map, you can also see the starting location of the path outlined below.

Basically, if you’ll follow this guide, the starting location is in the back of the hospital.

So your first objective is to head to the location I have marked.

Military Airdrop THB-04B – How To Get

Once you arrive at the location, look around to spot two ambulances.

Close to them, you’ll see the concrete wall in the following screenshot.

Dying Light 2 Stay Human Military Airdrop THB-04B Location

Grab the metal ledges on the concrete wall, then jump on the ladder on the right side.

Climb the ladder, and you’ll find yourself on a lower roof.

Now, head left and look for a broken window in the covered area (orange).

DL2 Stay Human Military Airdrop THB-04B Location

This window is used to get to Dr. Katsumi’s office, where you’ll find the Safe for The First Biomarker side-quest.

When inside Dr. Katsumi’s office, use the window on the right side to jump on the ledge with the yellow tarp on it.

Pull yourself up on the metal catwalk, then turn around to spot another window that leads to a corridor (pictured below).

Dying Light 2 Military Airdrop THB-04B How To Get

Cross the corridor, and when you exit on the other side, you’ll see a ventilation box.

Climb on it, then jump on the metal ledges from the broken wall (also pictured).

DL2 Military Airdrop THB-04B How To Get

From the next roof, you should spot the destination (objective); however, the problem here is that to get to the Airdrop, you’ll need to climb a series of yellow pipes.

So basically, the route you have to follow starts with the yellow pipe in the middle, and it looks like this.

Dying Light 2 Military Airdrop THB-04B Activity Guide

What makes this section so tricky to cross are not the pipes, but the time Aiden needs to get on top of them, from where he can jump further.

Obviously, Aiden’s Stamina is essential, along with the Parkour Skills you have unlocked.

If you have enough Stamina or decide to use a booster, crossing the pipes should be a walk in the park.

So, from the pipe in the middle, move to the next one on the left, then to the next one, then finally grab the yellow tarp in my screenshot above.

The moment you pull yourself up on the next roof, you should be able to see the Airdrop.

Dying Light 2 Stay Human Military Airdrop THB-04B Activity Guide

Now, all you have to do is open the crate, and the Dying Light 2 Military Airdrop THB-04B Activity ends.

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