Dying Light 2 Stay Human Diva: Where To Find Lola’s Mink Stole

by Vlad
February 8, 2022

Dying Light 2 Lola’s Mink Stole is a quest item you have to retrieve to complete the Diva side-quest in the latest video game published by Techland.

Dying Light 2 Stay Human Lola’s Mink Stole involves some chasing and some climbing, but other than that, it’s an accessible quest you can complete early in the game.

Although the Diva side-quest starts in Trinity, the DL2 Lola’s Mink Stole is found in Houndfield District, so below, I’ll tell you where to find it and how to return it to the so-called diva.

Dying Light 2 Diva Quest – How To Start

To play the Dying Light 2 Diva side-quest or make Lola spawn, you have to activate the Larch Windmill, as explained here.

Once you do that, open your map, and you’ll see a new quest-giver waiting for you south of Bazaar, as you can see on my map below.

Dying Light 2 Diva Walkthrough

Head to that location and look for Lola on top of a roof.

You can’t miss her due to her very loud voice.

Dying Light 2 Diva Guide

Now, interact with the singing lady, and she’ll tell you that a gust of wind carried away her precious Mink Stole.

Without it, she can’t perform. What a relief!

Anyways, he wants you to find her Mink Stole and then meet her at the Bazaar.

Diva Mink Stole Location – Where To Find

The first location you’ll have to visit to find Lola’s Mink Stole is west of your current position, in Houndfield District.

As you can notice on my map below, you’ll need to get close to the Center for Stage IV THV Study Gre Quarantine Building.

Dying Light 2 Stay Human Diva Walkthrough

Don’t worry though because you don’t have to get inside, but you may want to hurry, so you don’t miss Lola’s show.

Upon arriving at the first location, look for a tower on the southern side of the building.

It looks like the one below, and your goal is to start climbing it.

Dying Light 2 Mink Stole Location

As you ascend the tower (a very accessible climb), the moment you reach the top, you should be able to see the Stole Mink, which is a piece of fur.

The problem is that when you get close to it, the Mink Stole flies away, and you’ll have to chase it.

Dying Light 2 Stay Human Mink Stole Location

Luckily this chase is relatively short, and the Mink Stole stops on top of a smaller tower north of the previous location.

Dying Light 2 Stay Human Lola Mink Stole Where To Find

All you have to do now is climb on top of the said tower and grab Lola’s piece of fur.

Dying Light 2 Lola Mink Stole Where To Find

After getting the Mink Stole, return to the Bazaar and head inside the building to find Lola waiting for you near the merchants.

While talking to her, she’ll ask if you want to hear her sing. What you choose won’t change the rewards you receive for helping her, but it may damage your ears.

After she finishes her song (which is terrible), the Dying Light 2 Diva side-quest ends, and your rewards are 1000 Agility XP and 250 Old World Money.

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