Dying Light 2 Stay Human Undying Affection: Where To Find The Letters

July 25, 2022

 Dying Light 2 Stay Human Undying Affection side quest is recommended to improve Aiden’s attributes because you’ll receive:

  • 3000 Agility XP
  • UV Bar

Unlike other quests, the Undying Affection side quest featured in the Dying Light 2 Stay Human video game released by Techland requires a paraglider.

To access the Undying Affection side quest, you must first finish the Main Quest, A Place To Call Home.

Dying Light 2 Undying Affection Quest – How To Start

The Undying Affection side quest available in Dying Light 2 can be found in the eastern area of the Downtown District (screenshot below).

DL2 Undying Affection

When you reach the location, you’ll be introduced to Charlotte, the quest giver.

You will soon understand that she is a very tormented woman by the death of her husband, who passed away eleven years ago during the bombing of the city.

The only thing that would make her feel better would be to recover the letters that she left in the safe box in her office in the Office Tower building.

The Office Tower she refers to is ruined, and you can only get inside by air using the paraglider. Since you are the only one with a paraglider in the area, you will offer to help her.

Undying Affection Letters Locations – Where To Find

After you obtain all the information from her, your mission begins.

First, you’ll have to go to the rooftop of the Showroom building. To get there, paraglide on the left side of the building, where you’ll find an outer elevator marked by the left arrow that you will have to use to get closer to the rooftop (screenshot below).

Dying Light 2 Stay Human Undying Affection

From this point, use the ladder on your right side to climb to the rooftop.

Once you are on the rooftop of the Showroom building, use your paraglider again to get to the air vent marked by the right arrow in the picture below.

The air blown by the air vent will help you enter the Office Tower building through a broken window.

DL2 Stay Human Undying Affection

Once inside the Office Tower, eliminate the enemies, and after the area is clear, you can spot a safe box on a shelf near the double doors; this is not the safe box you are looking for, so you can move forward.

You can see the office Charlotte was talking about on your left side. You’ll have to climb upstairs to get into the office (pictured below).

Dying Light 2 Undying Affection

Undying Affection – How To Open The Safe Box

Inside Charlotte’s office in Dying Light 2 Stay Human Undying Affection side quest, you’ll notice the required safe box on the middle shelf of a cabinet office in front of you. 

To open the safe box in the Undying Affection side quest featured in DL2, you’ll need to remember what Charlotte said to you during your first encounter. If you don’t recall, here is the solution:

Twice to the right, once to the left, and once to the right. 

Charlotte – Dying Light 2

Inside the safe box, you’ll find the letters and a bracelet. 

To claim your reward, go back to Charlotte. After a quick chat, you’ll realize that her husband actually wrote the letters to another woman. From the start, her main intention was to destroy the letters to lift the curse of her suffering.

For your effort, she will let you keep the bracelet.

So, this is how you get the letters to help Charlotte find her inner peace and complete the DL2 Stay Human Undying Affection quest.

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