Dying Light 2 Stay Human Military Airdrop THB-M30: How To Get

Vlad Susanu Written by Vlad Susanu
February 11, 2022

Dying Light 2 Military Airdrop THB-M30 is the second Downtown District Military Airdrop you should secure after getting the THB-R31 Military Crate.

Dying Light 2 Stay Human Military Airdrop THB-M30 is quite accessible. Still, it requires a specific upgrade you can obtain using the Military Tech you got from completing all previous Military Airdrop Activities.

So, if you wonder how to get the DL2 Military Airdrop THB-M30 crate in the Downtown area, throughout the guide below, I’ll tell you everything you need to know.

By finishing this activity, you’ll get the following rewards:

  • 900 Parkour Points
  • 1 Military Tech
  • Various random loot and gear

DL2 Military Airdrop THB-M30 Location – Where To Find

On the map below, you can notice that the THB-M30 Dying Light 2 Military Airdrop is found in the northwestern corner of Downtown.

Furthermore, you can also observe that it clearly states that you’ll need the Paraglider for this activity.

The Paraglider is unlocked by following the game’s story (main-quests).

Dying Light 2 Military Airdrop THB-M30 Location

What the game does not specify, though, is that you’ll need to upgrade the Paraglider.

Specifically, Aiden’s flying tool must be maximized. Or, simply put, you’ll need a level 3 Paraglider for this activity.

Last but not least, on the map above, you can see the starting location for this activity.

This means that your first objective is to upgrade the Paraglider to level 3 using the Military Tech you found.

Just head to the merchant in Fish Eye Canteen and buy the upgrades.

Military Airdrop THB-M30– How To Get

Once you do that, it’s time to head to the second location I have marked on the map. Or the starting location.

As you can notice, it’s southeast of the Military Airdrop THB-M30.

While on the ground, look around to spot a lift like the one in the following screenshot.

Dying Light 2 Stay Human Military Airdrop THB-M30 Location

Interact with it, and it will take you to the lower roof of the building.

Here, you’ll want to spot the wooden ramp in my screenshot below.

DL2 Stay Human Military Airdrop THB-M30 Location

The idea here is to launch yourself from the ramp and use the air current below to reach the building where the crate awaits.

It’s worth mentioning that without a level 3 Paraglider, you can’t do it because of the height.

So, sprint on the ramp, then jump and press the square button (on Playstation).

While in the air, pull the left thumbstick towards you to get to the roof with the parachute on it.

Dying Light 2 Military Airdrop THB-M30 How To Get

Finding the crate is relatively easy once you pull yourself up to the next roof.

You should spot it on the right side, behind some trees (also pictured).

Dying Light 2 Military Airdrop THB-M30 Activity Guide

Finally, it is worth mentioning that from this roof and with the level 3 Paraglider, you can reach the northwestern Downtown Nightrunner Hideout using the same air current, so make sure you do this after you complete the Dying Light 2 Military Airdrop THB-M30 Activity.

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