Dying Light 2 Stay Human Ultimate Weapon: Where To Find The Viaduct & Office Building Chests

Vlad Susanu Written by Vlad Susanu
February 12, 2022

Dying Light 2 Viaduct & Office Building Chests are quest-items required to finish The Ultimate Weapon side-quest available in the Horseshoe District of the video game developed by Techland.

Although empty, both Dying Light 2 Stay Human Ultimate Weapon chests are mandatory if you wish to finish the associated quest and receive 750 Agility XP.

The chests in question are pretty easy to find, especially if you have already completed all activities in Horseshoe District, as explained below.

So, let’s see how to finish the Dying Light 2 Ultimate Weapon quest.

Dying Light 2 The Ultimate Weapon Quest – How To Start

DL2 The Ultimate Weapon is a side quest that becomes available after activating Willow Windmill.

Additionally, you also have to assign the Horseshoe Water Tower to the Survivors to play this quest.

Then you’ll need to travel to the location marked on my map below.

As you can see, it is just several steps away from the Windmill you must activate.

Dying Light 2 Ultimate Weapon Walkthrough

Upon arriving at the location marked on my map, you’ll have to look for the quest-giver, which happens to be a Monk.

Or the strange fellow below.

Dying Light 2 Ultimate Weapon Guide

The Monk provides you with a rare opportunity when you talk to him. For only 200 Old World Money, he agrees to tell you where to find the world’s most powerful weapon.

So, agree to pay, especially because he also offers a moneyback guarantee.

Once you hand over your hear-earned coins, your objective is to find two different chests.

Ultimate Weapon Office Building Chest Location – Where To Find

The main goal of the quest you’re playing is not to provide Aiden with the most powerful weapon per se but to help you discover two new landmarks.

Therefore start by heading to the chest on top of the office building. Or the second objective if you want.

As you can see in my image below, the chest you are looking for sits next to the Military Airdrop THB-17U.

Dying Light 2 Ultimate Weapon Chest On Top Of Office Building

If by any chance you encounter difficulties reaching the top of the building, refer to this guide which explains in-depth the path you have to follow.

Ultimate Weapon Viaduct Chest Location – Where To Find

The same logic applies to the chest on the top of the viaduct, which sits inside the Nightrunner Hideout close to Airdrop THB-22B.

Dying Light 2 Stay Human Ultimate Weapon Chest On Top Of Viaduct

Again, this guide explains the path you have to follow to get to the chest.

So basically, by finding the Monk’s chests, you’ll discover two of the Military Airdrops in Horseshoe District.

Upon discovering that both chests are, in fact, empty, return to the Monk, and he’ll tell you that the most powerful weapon is perseverance.

While he may be right, this won’t help you buy a better weapon, so feel free to ask for your money back.

Both Dying Light 2 The Ultimate Weapon choices you get at the end will help you complete the quest and won’t affect the main story.

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