Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty Heaviest of Hearts Georgina Choices Guide

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October 2, 2023

In the Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty Heaviest of Hearts Gig, your objective is to help a distressed father escape his son from legal trouble with Night City’s District Attorney, Georgina Zembinsky. The DA possesses evidence that incriminates the son, and your task is to persuade her to drop the case.

Once you find Georgina Zembinsky in a VIP room at the Heavy Hearts club, it becomes apparent that the DA has substantial evidence. She has convinced the father of the son you are helping to incriminate his own child on video testimony. Therefore, this guide will provide full details on the consequences of your choice, helping you reach the desired outcome for the Heaviest of Hearts Gig.

Should You Accept Georgina’s Deal or Not

So, Georgina Zembinsky proposes a deal to avoid further complications. She offers to make the incriminating video anonymous so the father’s involvement remains unofficial. Alternatively, you may decide to confront Georgina and request the complete deletion of the father’s testimony.

After watching the video testemony, you'll have the option to make a deal with Georgina Zembinsky.

Here are the outcomes of the options mentioned above.

What Happens if You Accept Georgina’s Deal

After watching Zembinsky’s video, if you agree to the terms by saying, “Fine. We have a deal,” you can leave the club without any trouble and return to the father. Once you inform him that his testimony has been made anonymous, he will not be happy about it since you were supposed to delete it completely.

Although Michael isn’t happy with the results, he will still transfer the 2,000 eddies. Mr. Hands will also be displeased but will still pass along 6,000 Eurodollars.

If you accept Zembinsky's deal, you'll upset your client, Michael.

On a positive note, Zembinsky will keep his promise and ensure that the testimonial remains anonymous.

What Happens if You Reject Georgina’s Deal

As an alternative scenario, you have the option to confront Zembinsky and select the “I don’t believe you. Delete the testimony.” after watching the testimony. However, if you choose to do so, Zembinsky’s bodyguard, Hank, will become hostile and force you to defend yourself. You can scare him off and avoid the fighting if you have at least 8 Body Attributes Points.

Regardless of how you deal with Hank, she will ultimately agree to delete the testimony, allowing you to return with good news to Michael. As a payment for the work you’ve done, he will transfer you 2,000 eddies.

If you refuse Zembinsky's deal, your client, Michael, will be pleased with what've done.

Mr. Hands will call you after you tell his father about the testimony. He will also reward you with 6,000 eddies for your work. When it comes to choosing between these options during the Heaviest of Hearts Gig in Phantom Liberty DLC, there is no difference between them regarding the gameplay.

You will also receive the same rewards regardless of your choice. This decision is solely for roleplaying purposes, so you should choose the option that fits your character playstyle best.

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