1. You can talk him down to avoid the fight, though im not sure if there is more than one. Unfortunately he ends up shooting himself.

  2. Hey this quest is bugged for me, I’ve reloaded twice and still bugged..
    I peacefully talked to him and got the stolen medicine, the game told me that I took the medicine, but I didn’t see it anywhere in my inventory! When I’m going to the deposit box, and there’s prompt press F to deposit, pressing f and it doesn’t deposit the meds, it’ll open the Sell menu and there’s no button to deposit the meds, and I can’t find the meds in inventory too.. Completely stuck in depositing meds

      1. Ah I think I know what’s the problem, if I looked at the deposit box screen and press f, it’ll opened the Sell menu and thus can’t deposit or complete the quest. But if I looked at the deposit machine and not looking down to the deposit screen and holding f for a while, it’ll successfully deposit the meds!

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