Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty Spy in the Jungle Katya Choices Guide

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September 30, 2023

During the Spy in the Jungle, one of Mr. Hands’ gigs in Cyberpunk 2077 Liberty Phantom DLC, you will go into Organitopia located in Terra Cognita, in the southern part of Dogtown.

Your mission will be to locate the former Brazilian agent, Mark Bana. This will require you to fight against many scavs who have taken over the dinosaur park inside the Organitopia. In addition, you will also face off against Boris Ribakov, a highly skilled agent from SovOil.

Near the end of the mission, you will encounter Katya Karelina, a former SovOil agent who needs your assistance. However, the Brazilian agents want you to eliminate her.

Should You Let Katya Go or Not

After you make your way to the main museum hall and defeat Boris Ribakov, you’ll eventually reach a secret room where you’ll meet a stranger. As you speak with the stranger, you’ll discover that her name is Katya Karelina, a former SovOil agent, and she has Bana’s biomonitor.

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You are now faced with an important decision: either negotiate with Katya or carry out the client’s order to eliminate her. The Spy in the Jungle gig is similar to The Man Who Killed Jason Foreman, where you must make a similar decision with Leon Rinder. Here are the consequences of each choice.

What Happens if You Spare Katya

If you choose to release Katya, she will give you Bana’s biomonitor that is necessary to finish the Spy in the Jungle gig in Phantom Liberty DLC.

Additionally, you’ll unlock the Money for Nothing side job. This mission will reveal the coordinates of a stash located in Dogtown that contains a high amount of Eurodollars and an equipment piece that reduces quickhack upload time.

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You must move a big garbage container to find and loot Katya’s stash.

What Happens if You Kill Katya

If you side with your client and eliminate Katya, you will have to loot Bana’s biomonitor from a nearby case. However, you won’t receive any information on her stash, making it challenging to find the location of the stash mentioned before.

So, I recommend accepting Katya’s deal and releasing her to get the most rewards during the Spy in the Jungle gig in Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty. But if you prefer to roleplay as a character who prioritizes serving the client, you can choose to eliminate Katya. It’s your decision.

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